Capilano Beeotic Honey: Don't Mistake The World's First Prebiotic Honey, To Be Probiotic! Happy Tummy Honey!

You didn't read the name wrong. The word "prebiotic" is spelled with an "E" and not an "O". What we are talking about here is a special type of dietary fibre that is not digested by the host and thus reaches our colon!

The all-new premium Beeotic® honey by Australian honey producer Capilano, has now hit the shelves of Singapore and is available in our local major supermarkets and hypermarts. Read on to find out more about this one-of-a-kind honey product!

| About Beeotic® Honey

Capilano Beeotic Honey

Hitting shelves from 5 Sept 2017, Beeotic® is the result of extensive research and a world-first clinical study conducted through the University of New South Wales (UNSW). The clinical study done identifies the widely recognised, but until now unproven, prebiotic health potential of selected Australian honeys.

Beeotic® from Capilano is a 100% natural prebiotic honey, which when used as directed, is clinically shown to improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut that may help to boost your digestive health. This premium Australian honey has also been proven to provide a good natural source of prebiotics.

| What Is Prebiotic, And Its Difference From Probiotic

Prebiotics are natural, non-digestible fibres which are passed undigested through the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Think of it as food for the naturally-present good bacteria in your digestive system – it stimulates the growth or activity of these advantageous bacteria that colonise the large bowel thereby improving the ratio of the good bacteria to the bad bacteria, leading to an improvement in our digestive health.

A probiotic, on the other hand, is a preparation of live bacteria that we find in yoghurt, dairy and supplements. The live and good bacteria is introduced into our digestive system orally (via the various food options as mentioned before), which then survives in and gets used by our gut.

| Benefits Of Consuming Prebiotics

Capilano Beeotic Honey

Beeotic®, the world’s first clinically-tested prebiotic honey, provides a natural source of prebiotics.

Just 14ml a day has been shown to improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut by nourishing beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, while also suppressing Clostridium.

Improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut may help boost your digestive health.

| Where To Buy It

Beeotic® can be found in the honey section at leading supermarkets and selective pharmacies. The recommended selling price (with GST) for this super yummy honey is at:
  • A jar of 340g – $16.80
  • An upside-down bottle – $22.00

For more information on Capilano's Beeotic® Honey, you can find it here.

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