Ling's Palette: The Only Makeup Artist That I Trust For My Bridal Makeup

Makeup, is perhaps the most important aspect for a bride. You will want to look pretty and have a face of waterproof makeup as you'll be taking tons of photos during this once-in-a-lifetime event.

With the boom of the internet, the images taken will no longer just be in hard copy. You will find your face parading the feed on Facebook / Instagram.

Get a good makeup artist, who can artfully define your good features and hide your flaws and still have your guests recognise you on your big wedding day! Go ahead and give this post a read!


As a Beauty Blogger, I was exceptionally strict and picky when it came to choosing my Bridal MUA.

I combed through Bridestory, looking for my ideal makeup artist. I lost count of the number of portfolios that I had scrutinised – loving some of them, and frowning upon others.

One portfolio stood out strong amongst the many, and that was Ling's.


Before I began my search, I had a vision in mind. I wanted a makeup artist who knew how to daringly slap on makeup when needed, and when to hold back when it wasn't required. I wanted a makeup artist who could be creative and yet listen to the needs of her bride.

I wanted a makeup artist who could make me look "enhanced" and not drastically different – I mean c'mon, shouldn't I be recognisable by my family and friends on my big day?! I wanted a makeup artist who was willing to go further and beyond for her bride.

The makeup artist who fitted my bill, is Ling.


I was fine if my makeup artist wanted to be a tad more creative in terms of the eyeshadow colour used or my hairstyle.

My only rule to her was, "So long as it suits the dress, I am good! You are the pro in this area, recommend me!" And that was what Ling did!


She was creative and listened attentively to my requests, and delivered her skills en pointe. She gave me a makeup and hairdo that would suit every outfit that I had to change into for the day!

I appointed her as my makeup artist for both of my wedding days – solemnisation and banquet.


I like that she makes an effort to do a makeup trial for her brides, so that she knows well beforehand on her bride's skin condition, preferences and dislikes. This is extremely important because no last minute hair/makeup session would ever turn out as good as one that has been tried and rehearsed before.

Ling was also extremely punctual – be it on whatsapp, my trial makeup session or during both makeup sessions on my wedding days! I could always count on her when I need her.


She gave me tips on how to keep my makeup lasting all day, how to care for my skin and man... I love her creativity when it comes to hairdos!

She surprised me when she brought fresh baby breaths for my hairdo on my solemnisation day. The flowers added a delicate touch to my entire look – I love it so much!


Ling goes all out for her brides and I believe that all her brides can feel her sincerity. Just read all the reviews here, it is the best evidence of her great service and work!


If you are keen to hire Ling as your bridal makeup artist, contact her here. For more information on her rates and services, click here.

Trust me when I say, go with Ling as your bridal makeup artist and you'll be in good hands! x

For more photos of Ling's work during my wedding, click here for solemnisation.

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