La Vida Eyebrow Embroidery: 3 Easy Steps To Attaining Picture Perfect Eyebrows Every Single Morning

La Vida Eyebrow

Have you ever hated your sparse eyebrows?

You wished for a solution like a magical brow-hair growing potion that would give you brows like Cara Delevingne, while you stare at the mirror and wish you looked a lot less like Voldemort.

I had that issue, of having brows that made me look like I had no brows. My brow hair are sparse, grows in patches and because they are so fine... if you stand from afar, I'd look like I had no brows at all (you'll see what I mean in my pictures later on).

I had become so used to filling my brows in before I left my house, I can't no longer live without my brow pencil – thank goodness for Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Duo for making brow drawing such a simpler task!

However the fact remains despite all the technology placed into eyebrow cosmetology, it is still a hassle to have to draw the damn brows in before leaving the house. It takes time and energy, and it is a bitch if you can't get it right in the shortest span of time.

And then, lo' and behold, La Vida approached me.

La Vida @ Bukit Panjang Plaza (Eyebrow only)
Bukit Panjang Plaza, 1 Jelebu Road, Singapore 677743, #03-12

Nearest MRT: Bukit Panjang
Contact: (+65) 6465 4491

La Vida is an eyebrow specialist with three outlets throughout Singapore (Bedok, Clementi Central and Bukit Panjang) and they are well-established in the industry with close to 6 years of experience. They also provide eyeliner and lip embroidery.

To give you a better insight of what eyebrow embroidery is and to prove that NO THREAD NOR SEWING is involved in this form of embroidery, I have recorded the entire process of my embroidery procedure and will be explaining the process in 3 parts!

#1 | Reshaping Your Brows

Pre-embroidery situation: My messy as fuck brows

If you are the kind who can't walk out of the house without make-up, please at least resist from putting make-up on your brows. It is easier for the beautician to work with a thoroughly clean canvas.

With that said, if you really do need to have make-up on because you can't leave the house without your brows have an important appointment beforehand, fret not as the eyebrow parlor has make-up remover and can help you with that issue.

Getting my messy brows trimmed and shaped before the design gets sketched on

When you arrive, the first part of your treatment would be getting the brows trimmed and shaped in accordance to your chosen design.

Sketching the design on with an eyebrow pencil

Next the beautician would grab an eyebrow pencil and draw the design onto your brows. During this part, you can discuss with her on how leveled you would like your brows to be, how high would you prefer for your arch and etc.

#2 | Numbing Cream

Applying the numbing cream

The next part of the process is more relaxing as all you need to do is just sit and wait for the numbing cream to take effect. You can surf the internet on your phone or bring a book to read. The waiting time is about 20-25 minutes, depending on each individual.

Scotch tape is placed atop the numbing cream to prevent oxidation

I waited approximately 30 minutes for my numbing cream to take effect. However even with that extended duration, it was insufficient to last for two brows.

By the time my beautician was done embroidering for one brow, the effects of the numbing cream had already worn off for my other brow. Thus I requested for the beautician to reapply the numbing cream on my second brow, and wait another 15-20 minutes for it take effect.

Despite having to spend more time waiting, I'd rather do that than experience the pain (I have been told and I shall admit that I have an incredibly low threshold for pain). With the numbing cream, the pain level at the start of the embroidery is about 1/10, and about 3-4/10 towards the end of the embroidering.

#3 | Embroidering The Design

The embroidering tool used to etch ink into your brows

As promised, eyebrow embroidery does not involve threads nor any form of sewing. It does however involve a needle with bit of piercing using their embroidery tool.

How eyebrow embroidery works is like your traditional tattoo-ing method. You take a sharp tool, you dip it in ink, and then you pierce the ink beneath the surface of your the skin. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't hurt, but that is also the reason for having the numbing cream.

If you are afraid of pain, don't worry. With the numbing cream on, all you'd feel is this weird tugging sensation of your skin. You won't feel any prickling pain from the piercing at all.


Beautician etching each stroke into my brows precisely

Each stroke is made to look like a strand of brow hair

The completed look

For the first 2-3 days, your brow-game would be angry-bird strong. The colour would then slowly fade and peel away to a lighter shade that is more natural-looking.

Moisturising ointment

To help in the recovery process, apply this ointment on a daily and nightly basis. It will be given to you before you leave the parlor.

Your beautician would also help to apply some on your brows as the last step of the process

Checking the brows for any last minute adjustments

If you are dissatisfied with your brows in any way, do let your beautician know so that she can make the necessary amendments to give you your desired brow look.

You can expect some prickling sensation for the next 2 days while your skin heals. Your beautician would also remind you to avoid washing your brows with facial wash or shampoo, so as to allow the ink to be locked into your skin. It is fine for water to drizzle across your brows, so just take your daily shower as per normal.

You can also expect some slight bleeding – spots of blood will imprint on your tissue when you dab your brows with it – however that is nothing to be worried about. Your brows might also appear slightly red and swollen, but it will subside by the end of the next day.

Photo with my beautician

It has been about a month since I got my treatment done. The colour has faded and now it definitely looks a lot more natural (and less angry bird-looking).

Photo 25-8-16, 16 52 07
One-month post treatment: How my brows look like now!

If I were to step out of my house without any make-up on, I'd look like a normal person who has brows – unlike before when I had NONE! If I wanted to make-up on, I'd usually touched it up with a bit of brow powder as I like to wear my brows strong. Drawing my brows now is the easiest make-up step that I do!

Getting my brows done is probably one of the best decisions that I ever made, especially since I did it before going on my beach holiday to Batam. I always hated having to spend tons of time putting make-up on when I should actually be spending the time outdoors exploring and soaking up the sun.

So if you are looking for a hassle-free way to get good-looking brows, I would highly recommend you to try out eyebrow embroidery. You invest say an hour of your time, and you get decent brows for 1-2 months.

There are various different brow styles available, and it would be best to discuss with the brow therapist to decide which style would suit you best. I will share more on the different types of brow styles available at La Vida in my next post, as well as to give an update on how my brows are 2 months post-treatment.

For more updates and their latest offer, do check out their Facebook page or Instagram.

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Note: This post was sponsored by La Vida Brow Specialist.

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