The Comb Hair Studio Gave Me A Korean Makeover


It's been about a month now since I have started rocking this new hairstyle. It took awhile to get used to it, but never for a moment have I regretted agreeing to Soo Ah (my korean hairstylist at The Comb) when she recommended this new look. My long hair had been suffering from split ends and dryness; most possibly due to my years of bleaching and dyeing. It was time that I had my locks chopped off and have them regrown, just in time for my wedding next year I hope.

Anyone who has ever had their hair chopped off to above shoulder length, would know that it is a pain to grow them back as the ends would curl everywhere. Thankfully this hairstyle, with its intended curls at the end, makes the growing out part so much easier. Plus I get to look like a Korean superstar — since I began sporting this hairstyle, I have been asked by strangers on numerous occasions if I am Korean 😏

For those who are looking for more information on my hairstyle, here is a short FAQ:

  1. Is your hairstylist an actual Korean?

    Yes, Soo Ah is a native Korean. Born, educated and trained in Korea. She flew to Singapore a couple of months ago to work at The Comb, bringing her expertise in Korean hairstyles and trends along with her.

    Soo Ah didn't speak much English when I last met her, so sometimes when communicating becomes a challenge, we would use an iPad equipped with Google Translate to talk. It was super fun because with my broken Korean and her huge effort in speaking English with me, we would talk about Korean actors, the latest K-drama and she also taught me a few Korean words!
  2. What did she do to your hair?

    Soo Ah chopped off my awfully dry and damaged hair, and then permed the ends of my new hairstyle
  3. Who inspired this hairstyle?

    Kim Ji Won, from Descendants of the Sun. Here is a picture of her so you know who I'm talking about:
  4. Is this hairstyle hard to maintain?

    Not at all!!! Technically the instructions given to me by Soo Ah was to blow-dry my hair every time after a shower. I did it... for the first two weeks. And then... I lost my diligence but hey the hairstyle didn't turn out looking bad right? The photos taken above were with my hair having been air-dried the night before and the ends weren't brushed with a circular comb either.
  5. Did you re-dye your hair?

    Nope. The washed-off brown colour in my hair is from my previous dye job.
  6. How much did it cost in total?

    My haircut and the perm were both sponsored. If you would like to know how much it costs to get your hair serviced at The Comb, click here for their price list.
  7. Where is The Comb Hair Studio?

    12 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069252. Nearest MRT is Telok Ayer [Downtown Line]
  8. How can I make an appointment?

    Phone (+65) 6438 3138 or message them on Facebook
  9. Is there any ongoing promotion?

    They are currently having a year-round summer promotion. $168 NETT (U.P. $340) for digital perming or volume rebonding, inclusive of cut + wash and blow.

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Watch a fun video of how they created my hairstyle at The Comb!

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