Tony Roma's Singapore: First Impressions On Their Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs And More

Tony Roma's Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-123, Singapore 038983
Suntec City Mall Tower 5

Nearest MRT: City Hall, Esplanade
Contact: (+65)6337 9055
Operating hours: Monday - Sunday (11.30am to 10.30pm)

Tony Roma's Place was started by veteran restaurateur, Tony Roma, who first began his entrepreneurship in North Miami, Florida in 1972. The concept of the restaurant has been preserved through the years — a casual decor and comfortable ambience with the feel of a neighbourhood bar, a simple menu of sensational food at reasonable prices and genuine cordiality.

The house speciality (Baby Back Ribs) soon emerged and it attracted people who would travel miles just to sample the restaurant's signature product. Five years onwards, Tony Roma's Place began to franchise and it is now a global F&B franchise with 150 Tony Roma's restaurants worldwide.

Today, Tony Roma's restaurant is still famous for their Baby Back Ribs and our local Tony Roma's Restaurant has created a perfect palate pleasing combination with their lean, tender baby back ribs matched with a coca-cola infused BBQ sauce. Read on to find out more about the new dishes available at Tony Roma's and my first impression on their new dishes.

Starters: Baked Potato Soup and Soup of The Day, Mushroom Soup ($6.90)
Baked Potato Soup **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED** - Rich, creamy and loaded with real baked potatoes
and topped Cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions
Mushroom Soup - A finely blend mix of mushrooms simmered in a pot to produce rich and earthy soups

Starters: Onion Loaf
(Half Loaf - $10.90, Full loaf - $16.90)

Giant hand-cut onions, breaded, deep fried and served with BBQ sauce

Starters: Harvest Fruit & Chicken Salad ($17.90) *NEW*
Succulent grilled chicken breast on a bed of mixed salad, with candied pecans, kiwi fruit, strawberry, pear and pineapple salsa. Served with blue cheese crumbles and a side of 3 Berry Vinaigrette

Starters: Shrimp Tango ($22.90) *NEW*
Grilled bacon-wrapped shrimps with strawberry and radish guacamole. Served with Sriracha lime sauce

Mains: Coca-Cola® Baby Back Ribs
(Half 6 ribs - $26.90, Regular 9 ribs - $35.90, Full 12 ribs - $41.90)

Tender baby back ribs generously basted with Coca-Cola® BBQ sauce. Served with a choice of 2 sides

Mains: Fire-Roasted Ribeye & Quarter Chicken Combo

A 200g rib-eye steak with glazed bourbon onions and a quarter chicken with white BBQ sauce.
Served with a choice of 2 side dishes

Dessert: Strawberry & Peach Cobbler *NEW*

Fresh strawberries and peaches, with cinnamon flavoured cake mix, baked in a skillet pan. Served with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream

Rating: 3.3/5

My two cents:

(Before you begin reading about my opinions on the new dishes, I would first like to add a disclaimer that despite this meal being sponsored, I always believe in providing honest and professional reviews for my readers and my clients.

Everything described is based on my own palate and the cooking done on the day itself. Recipes could have been improved on since my visit to the restaurant and the publication of this review, thus do take all words with a pinch of salt! Thank you!)

I have always been a fan of baby back ribs and I have tried a couple here and there. The Baby Back Ribs from Tony Roma's have never failed to disappoint me in terms of its marination or its tenderness, however in the instance of Coca-Cola® Baby Back Ribs, I am sad to say that I was expecting a bit more.

It lacked of a Coca-Cola® taste that I was expecting — my presumption is fairly reasonable since the famous fizzy beverage title is after all stated in the food's name right? — but all I got was a layer of BBQ sauce.

Moving back to the other new items on the menu, for starters, we had two new dishes: Harvest Fruit & Chicken Salad and Shrimp Tango. Well, once again, I am sad to say that I do not know how to appreciate either of these two new starters.

I found the chicken salad to be overly sour and off due to the triple berries vinaigrette and presence of blue cheese crumbles. Oh and, for those who are ginger-haters like myself, do take note that there are tiny slices of ginger in the pineapple salsa. My fellow foodies were a lot more forgiving to the salad and could better appreciate the refreshing taste of it, unfortunately I couldn't and this salad is a "no" for me.

As for the prawn salad, I love the savoury flavour of grilled bacon and prawns, and (Ooof!) the addition of strawberry slices and Sriracha lime sauce to create the perfect balance of savoury, sweet and sour. Now here comes the sad part, this dish COULD have been perfect, if it wasn't for the radish guacamole which was far too bitter and overwhelming, thus destroying the sensational flavours that could have been.

Now for the other main, Fire-Roasted Ribeye & Quarter Chicken Combo. I honestly wished that this dish was better because I loved the taste of the glazed bourbon onions that provided so much flavour to the steak, however the beef itself was too under-cooked and raw to be properly eaten and appreciated.

Both plates of steak presented on that day was suppose to be a medium rare but turned out to be a raw. As for the quarter chicken, more flavour is needed because it is easily overpowered by the bourbon onions.

For the final course, we had Strawberry & Peach Cobbler for dessert. This dish was perfect and on-point. I couldn't agree more with the simplicity of the dish and I like how they threw in the scoop of vanilla ice cream for an added refreshing taste to tie off the whole meal.

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Terms & Conditions:
1. Valid for dine-in only. This post must be presented upon order.
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4. Offer is valid till 31 May 2016.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Tony Roma's Singapore and StarNgage.

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