Urban Armor Gear: What Your Phone Needs To Survive Clumsy Bumps And Metre High Drops

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my iPhone in its awesome UAG casing, popping up in several of my photos over the past few months.

I have been using UAG's phone casing since this January when I was given my first one during Lazada's Blogger Bazaar and it is now a must-have for me because of its ALL-AROUND protection — brilliant for a klutz like myself!

I was busy raving it to my family and friends about the awesome-ness of this smartphone case and UAG must have heard my active promotion with their cyber ears as they reached out to me for a collaboration.

They have kindly provided me with 2 sets of phone cases to GIVEAWAY to my readers! (More details about that later on)

Like every good giveaway, before you jump hastily onto the "I WANT BECAUSE IT'S FREE" bandwagon, you need to first know what is it that you are getting yourself into, right?

So here are 4 things about UAG that you gotta know about:

#1| For Apple AND for Android products

Before you click [x] because you thought that UAG is another bias company that targets only Apple products, well the good news is that YOU ARE WRONG.

Yes, UAG does provide coverage for more Apple than Android products, but it does not mean that they haven't taken Apple's competitors into consideration.

UAG has specifically researched and designed each device's cases so as to provide the ultimate protection for phones, tablets and laptops from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, LG & HTC.

If you have just gotten yourself an Apple iPhone SE, or a Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, UAG has already produced smartphone casings for the respective phones.

#2| 360° Protection

Apple iPhones used to be much more durable than the current versions of iPhones, as I remember how an accidental drop on a concrete pavement could leave my iPhone 4/5 scarless and unharmed.

Unfortunately the same scenario is not occurring for my iPhone 6, even though it had the same cheap and more aesthetics-based phone casing. My iPhone 6 suffered an indentation from my clumsiness within my first week of usage, and I have since clutched my phone super tightly in my hands every single time I held it... until I was given my first UAG case.

UAG provides 360° protection to my electronic devices! UAG cases are certified with a MIL-STD 810 rating.

The MIL-STD 810 rating is a US Military certification applied to equipment which can withstand tough environmental conditions, and in order to attain such certification, the cases must protect a device perfectly from a 1.2 METRES high drop for over 26 REPEATED DROPS.

If you have a baby at home, this phone case is a MUST-HAVE!

Trust me I know when a product is baby-proof because my baby niece broke my first tempered glass screen guard within a week of getting it ☹

She couldn't have flung my phone around more and my precious phone has withstood all of her mischievous antics thus far all thanks to UAG!

If a baby-proofed phone casing isn't good enough for you, then how about some science? The engineers at UAG love to test their products to the limit, and thus...

They have sent an iPhone 6 to the edge of space before...

And have also dropped it from a car that was travelling at 196 KM/h!!!! WHAT?!

Coupled with UAG’s glass screen guard, your phone is protected 360° from scratches, abrasions or falls. Which also means that you can be as clumsy as you want with your fragile precious electronic device!

Ice Case for Macbook Pro 13" With Retina Display

As mentioned earlier, UAG also produces protective casing for Macbooks! These casings have armored shell and impact resistant bumpers, with dual lock secure screen closure, cooling vents for uncompromised air flow, and FrogSkin™ non-slip grip for easy gripping of the Macbook!

Like all other UAG products, the Macbook casing also meets military drop-test standards!

#3| Slim and Featherlite

Just like the condoms (I'm kidding) but really, the innovative designs from UAG's cases allows you to retain the sleek profile of yours devices without compromising on protective strength.

The material is also friction free, which enables easy access no matter how skinny your jeans are!

And leveraging on one of nature best structures, UAG cases feature a honeycomb-shaped inner cavity that allows it to be light weight while maintaining the casing’s rigidity and compression strength.

#4| More than just one design

Here is another thing about UAG which I adore so much: They have more than one design available — and more than one colour per design — so as to suit to your everyday needs!

Introducing the "Trooper Series"

It has the same feather-light impact resistant core, with easy access to touchscreen and ports.

The oversized tactile buttons makes it easy to adjust your ringer volume or to lock your phone. Needless to say, as like all UAG products, the Trooper Series meets military drop-test standards as well.

What sets the Trooper series apart from its fellow smartphone casing is its ability to hold up to 4 credit card cases at the back compartment of the phone.

Trooper Series in Black

The Trooper Series is available in 3 colours: Black, White and Rust (ie. a shade of orange).

Introducing the "Folio Case Series"

Possessing the same feather-light impact resistant core, easy access to touchscreen and ports, as well as the signature military drop-test standards certification, UAG's Folio Cases are one of the best protective phone cases in the market.

The Folio Cases sets itself apart from its look-alike competitors with its water resistant FrogSkin Technology™ grip that makes it comfortable to hold even with sweaty palms.

This smartphone case is also able to hold up to 3 credit cards which makes it a must-have for clubbing — because carrying bags to a club is such a burden and all you need to carry now is just your phone!

Folio Case in Magma

The Folio Case Series is available in 2 colours: Black and Magma.

If you are looking for a particular colour, then you should check out UAG's Composite Cases because they come in 7 different colours and are either opaque or translucent!

You can buy your ideal UAG smartphone case from their e-store on Lazada: http://www.lazada.sg/uag/

To get the latest updates on UAG products, follow them here on their Facebook page.

Now here comes the part that EVERYBODY loves... it is


I have two UAG iPhone 6/6S cases to give away and they are Trooper Series in Black and Folio Case in Magma.

If you wanna win a UAG iPhone 6/6S phone case, here is what you got to do:

On my Instagram or Facebook post...
  1. Let me know in your comment which of the two UAG phone cases that you want, Black or Red, and tag 3 friends
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Winner will be announced on 4th May, 0000hours.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Urban Armor Gear.

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