Brunch @ LeVeL 33

LeVeL 33
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1
8 Marina Boulevard #33-01, Singapore 018981

Contact: 6834 3133
Nearest MRT: Downtown, Bayfront, Marina Bay (listed according to distance)

A hearty assortment of breads accompanying the Soup of the Day

Pastrami, salami, smoked beef, smoked salmon, salads, oysters, shrimps and many more...

Fruits, pastries, donuts and various cheese for the cheeseaholics

Beer for brunch. Awesome.

A snippet of the desserts available

Rating: 3.5/5

My two cents:

Perhaps I am too used to piping hot meals for breakfast lunch and dinner, thus this meal was (unfortunately) not my plate of breakfast. Other than the soup and foie gras bruschetta, everything else was pre-cooked and left to chill in the air-conditioned room.

To be on the fair side of judgement, the food had sufficient taste despite being chilled. The salad was amazing and so was the pasta.

I liked the tiny salmon quiches, but I would have loved them if they were warmer so as to bring out the sweetness of the smoked salmon and egg. It would also be great if I had the option of lightly toasting the slices of bread. The current available option has everything soggy and soft.

Both beers were light and refreshing and smooth on the palate. My wheat beer had a note of fruitiness which I particularly enjoyed.

As for the atmosphere... I LOVE IT. Like who wouldn't? I was on the 33rd floor of a high rise building, located smack in the middle of a central business district. The design of the eatery was contemporary modern. I felt pampered amidst all the lush decor. Everyone spoke in hushed whispers as a form of respect to other diners in the relaxing dining hall.

There was a beautiful urban scenery to view except for a tiny drawback: I went during the haze period and thus I couldn't see shit FML. Marina Bay Sands — the most expensive stand-alone casino in the world (according to Wikipedia) — was a "haze" away...

In hindsight I agree that the finest ingredients were used to create the food that I saw and tasted. They nailed it when it came to service, atmosphere and decor. However the food lacked of a certain allure that would have gotten me crawling back for more.

With that said, I would return to LeVeL 33 to have another drink or two, try their much raved dinner and to enjoy the city view without the fog haze.

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