Nike: Just Do It (Zalora)

So I am currently working as a therapist in a community hospital where a lot of physical manual handling and exercises are involved. Sometimes I sweat so much from it and I get such terrible body aches that I feel like I am undergoing the physical rehabilitation WITH my patients.

After a day's worth of work, I sometimes feel so jelly that I think it is equivalent to a week's worth of proper exercise. I often use this excuse to dodge H's nagging to go running or gym with him.

I am too muthafucking lazy. And tired.

I would just want my bed or the couch. Ahhh....

With that said, I do feel guilty because I have not participated in any proper exercising for ages. It takes a lot of physical dragging these days to get me to exercise.

There was a period of time (by that I meant late of last year and not like forever...) when I actively sought out time to go run or go swim.

I made good use of the swimming pool in NYP during my last term of school, and after living in Woodlands for 5 years I finally ran the 2km path from my house to Woodlands Waterfront.

Sunset view at Woodlands Waterfront

But hey, that's all gonna change really soon with my due-to-arrive immense amount of free time. And for that I need to celebrate it with some new sports apparels to jolt me to uphold my own promise to run more.

Check this out: Nike Outlet Singapore

And here is where I might just get some of those new clothings.

My eyes are going oogly at the sight of the greatly discounted prices for these Nike outfits!!!

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