Travelling around Taiwan


I have been travelling around Taiwan – went to Jiu Fen and Yilan! I left my MacAir back in Taipei with my luggage and moved around with just a light bagpack of a few clothings for change, my toiletries, make-up and chargers.

Using the blogger mobile app now to write this post! I've got so many pretty pictures to share but I've gotta wait till I get back to Taipei later today so that I can do it with my laptop!

The mountain view at Jiu Fen was gorgeous.... And the room which my sister assigned for my brother and I had the best view of the mountain amongst all the rooms. I took so many videos because stationary pictures were insufficient to capture the cosy-ness of the room and the breathtaking mountain view included with it.

As for Yilan... It provided a beautiful countryside view. Plots of agriculture and three storey mansions. I even stayed in one of them! The mansion... Gosh! How should I describe?

It was grand. It was luxurious. It was warm. It was... everything that I wanted for my future home and more.

Ok then again my future home will contain a little bit more modern techno stuff, such as lights that switch on when I clap? I'm dying to try that technology ever since I saw it on the internet. I can't imagine what happens when a whole lot of people clap during a birthday celebration. The lights will be confused and flicker on and off like mad! Hahaha!!

Talk more again (WITH PICTURES) when I'm back in Taipei. In the meantime, make do with the pictures at my Instagram!

Soph <3

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