Back from Taipei


I touched down in Singapore on Wednesday at 1835hours. The trip was awesome! I bought quite an amount of items! I didn't get to buy much clothes (suitable for our climate here in Singapore) because the clothes sold there are mostly for the cold season which the Taiwanese are currently experiencing.. I got a lot of shoes!!!!

Taiwan shoes are sooooooo cheap and the quality is really good! During my last trip to Taiwan, I bought loads of shoes back too and the shoes lasted me for over a year! That will never happen for any shoes that I buy in my homeland. The max that the shoes can last me is for.. 2 or 3 months tops? If I'm unlucky, they won't even last me for 2 weeks! #yikes

4 pairs which I shipped back in my luggage

And the 5th which I wore back. Need to praise this 5th pair of shoes!!

The lady who sold it to me wasn't kidding when she said that this pair of shoe is waterproof. Everyone else in my family had utterly soaked-through shoes and socks when we went to JiuFen because it was pouring. All of their shoes and socks were so wet that they made squeaky sounds and ooze out water with every step that they took.

My shoes made no noise and my socks were just damp because of the water that seeped in through the gaps. My socks dried within half an hour after I left them after the heater, whereas my lil brother who had soaked socks needed about 3-4 hours for his socks to be dry?


Technically there should be 6 pairs in total but I can't find the 6th pair because I don't know where is it :/

I borrowed my sister's luggage space to bring it back and I know she has unpacked her luggage but I don't know where she placed my shoes and so for now.. my 6th pair of shoes is MIA! Lol!

Anyway here are some of my other hauls from Taiwan!

Bought a solid perfume and Acnepen from a 7-Eleven convenience store in Taipei!

Foremostly, I regret buying the solid perfume. It stinks and its "fragrance" gives me a headache. I bought it only because I saw the word "rose" and then I caved.

I love roses but this rose perfume... has seriously scarred me for life.

I think I will stick to strawberry-scented perfumes from here on.

As for the acnepen.. I love it!!!

It has a really interesting top, where the acne liquid would ooze out!

The liquid is tea tree oil which is great for dealing with acne!

Next haul:
From Tony Moly!

I was so excited when I saw a Tony Moly outlet in XiMenDing (the area where I stayed in Taipei)! I bought a concealer and a brown liquid eyeliner because everything else was a little beyond my current budget and a tad too heavy to lug back! Will do reviews on these 2 darlings really soon!

Night market hauls:

Bought adorable face masks!!! Bought 4 packs of these masks for SGD 4.30!
Damn suitable to use right now because of the haze.

Speaking of the haze.. I need to give my piece of mind about it.


It's one thing that I am breathing in polluted air, and another thing that the air smells so nasty!!!!


For people who have migraines, I think you can feel and understand me. Headaches which are beyond your control and all you can do is take drugs to have the pain taken away, or that you tolerate the sickening pain.

The moment that I stepped out of Changi Airport Terminal II, and took in my first breath of air.. I knew I was back in Singapore...


It smelt so nasty and so horrible that it is beyond comprehension. For the past few days, I have cooped myself in my room with the air-con turned on 24/7. You can say that I am being extreme, but I rather be extreme than to suffer pounding headaches because of the freaking bad air.

Moving on.

IPhone 4 cases!!!!

These were damn cheap. Each casing was for SGD 4.30? I guess it is because iPhone 4 is becoming extinct soon.. just like the old iPhone 3G(S). #lol

If it isn't obvious enough... I BOUGHT A WHOLE LOT OF SOCKS!!!!


Like damn cheap. 5 pairs of these adorable socks for only SGD 4.30!!!!

Not even a dollar per pair k! TAKE THEM ALL!!!! *gives greedy face*

There are suppose to be more but I wore some of them during my trip and I took out those which are meant for my cousins. Some of the ones in the picture are for my friends and the rest are...

ALL FOR ME!!!!!!!!!

About 10 to 15 pairs of the socks are mine. Still think that I should have bought more. #socheap #darn

Bought 3 pouches. Each for SGD 4.30!

Each of these pouches have an inner lining!!

Quality can be considered to be really good for something at such a price!

Bought 2 dresses at SGD 6.50 each! SO CHEAP!!!!!

Couldn't decide which colour to get so I got both since they were so cheap anyway!

2 tees from Uniqlo!

These were a bit more pricey as compared to the other stuff that I bought. Each tee was about SGD 16.

I bought them because the cotton quality was good and well.. price range quite acceptable since it is Uniqlo. And also, they were from the section called "Ximen Special" and so I'm assuming that they are really THAT SPECIAL!

If I can find the same designs in Singapore, then okay lor, I admit that I got suey and my feelings have been scammed!!! LOL

Bought a long sleeve navy design top, a blue/white striped hoodie and a floral dress.

Each for SGD 4.30! DAMN CHEAP I KNOW!!!! Not even $5 each!

They are all thin enough for Singapore's weather so yay! Happy happy me!!

3 skirts! LOVE ALL THE COLOURS!!!! Each for SGD 8.60!

The orange and yellow one is made of really really soft cotton and I loooovveeeeeee how soft they feel!

All of the skirts have shorts inside!! Can't believe I bought each of them at less than $10!!! What a buy!!

Bought a denim jacket for Rod.

This denim jacket was on sale at an unbelievable price! The original RTP was SGD 116!!!!

I bought it for SGD 16!! #iloveshoppingintaiwan

Bought him some shoes too as per his request

The one on the left was sold for SGD 15 whereas the one on the right was for SGD 25!! Super good buy!

Usually the shoes that he buy are from the price range of $75 and above? His feet made of gold one I think.

Bought some tights too!!! Each at SGD $4.30!

I had difficulty finding for good quality OPAQUE tights in Singapore that covered me from my foot to my hips. So glad that I found these at Shilin night market and they were sold for less than $5 each!!

I wanted to buy coloured ones too but my mom stopped me because she said that I might have difficulty matching them with the clothes that I already have (which is quite true) and if I really wanted the coloured ones.. I can always get them if I do manage to go to Taipei again with my mom in July!

My mom is going there for a company trip. She wanted to bring my dad but he says he needs to "consider". Hence my mom said that if he isn't going, she will bring me if I don't have school during that period! YAY!! #idontmindskippingschoolforit #helltoschool #whatisschool #lastthingonmymind

Bought a new leather wallet for SGD 34! YES IT'S GENUINE LEATHER!!

Clumsy Beryl spilled white nail polish over my current leather wallet. Don't ask me how she did it. I wish I knew too. I gotta keep her away from my new leather baby!

Some hair accessories.

Mike and Sulley!

Lil bro caught these for me from a UFO machine in Taiwan! It's really easy to catch these from the machines in Taiwan and each try is super cheap too!! TWD 10 each! (Approximate rate: SGD 1 = TWD 23)

So it's less than $0.50 per try!!! The staff is really friendly too and they aim to help you win the prizes home! Sulley was practically placed over the edge of the plastic panel for me by the staff (after she knew that I wanted to get Sulley) and all I had to do was to give him a slight push to tip him over the edge and tadah! I got him!!!

Bought some food too. The must-buy paper bakkwa!

And tie dan (iron eggs) as a gift for Joey! I promised that I would buy this back for her!

And that kinda concludes my haul from Taiwan!!

I still have a couple more stuff that my sister bought for me without me knowing... I only got to know them after she already paid for it/returned to the hotel room/came back to Singapore.

Yes that's how slow I am. And how lovely my sister is!!! *heart eyes emoticon*

I will share my photos from Taiwan during my next entry. I wanted to upload the pictures after the end of each day during my trip... but that attempt was an epic fail because I was so worn out by the end of each day.

The only thing that I had in mind after I got back to my hotel each day was to quickly take a shower, to quickly pack my luggage so that I wouldn't have to rush the next morning, and then to jump into my bed to get ample rest for the next day's itinerary.

This is why I don't like itinerary with time schedules and obviously enough, I don't like tour groups.

Free-and-easy is the way to go, baby!

Till next time,
Soph <3

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