Taiwan 2014


I've arrived in Taiwan safely this afternoon around 1.30pm! Brought my MacAir along to get some work done, hence I am able to blog a little bit now!!!

So anyway, here are photos from day 1!!

Tigerair finally decided to issue its passengers proper air tickets!!

In the past, the air tickets issued out by Tigerair looked very much like.. receipts. It looked nothing like as what you see in the above image! Great decision made on the change, Tigerair!

Mothers and orchids.
#okaycanz #whilewalkingtowardstheboardinggate

Uploading this because I think it looks nice. HAHAHAHA!!!

I took this at the boarding gate hall, because I wanted to see if my eyes were still puffy due to the lack of sleep. Speaking of which, I should be asleep now!!! #theneedtoblog #thewanttoblog #thedesiretoblog #blogger4life

On the way to board the plane!! How can I resist snapping a shot when (1) I am surrounded by all the full-length mirrors around me and (2) bored to death due to a freaking long waiting line...

Does this count as an #ootd shot?

Arrived safely in Taipei after a 4 hours and 45 minutes flight!

It is super cold in Taipei now and the temperature was about.. 12 to 14 degrees today? It was raining when I arrived. The moment that I stepped out of the airport, I could see my breath because it was THAT COLD!

For a moment, you can see the building.. And the next minute, you can't.

It was extremely foggy when I took a bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Zhongshan station, where I then took a train to Ximending as it is where my hotel is located at!

At Zhongshan train station

Taiwan was the first place where I had my virgin experience of dragging a luggage around.

It was something which I never thought that I would ever do! If you haven't tried it before, TRY IT!!!

It's even more fun dragging it across the streets... lololol!

A store right beside my hotel that is filled with leather products. #ilovethesmellofleather #justsaying

Lunch at 牛店 (literal translation: beef restaurant): Beef noodles

Beef imported from Australia.

The beef was extremely tender, and the noodles were very chewy and surprisingly tasty too!! The beef broth was good and addictive! It's not like some beef broths that I've had where after a few mouths, I get sick of drinking the soup.


Didn't try it. Can't tell you how it tastes like. But if I have to make a guess, I suppose it would taste jelly-like?

I love the convenience stores in Taiwan!! This is taken in Family Mart (one of the convenience stores).

They have this section where the food is REAL FOOD. Not processed, artificial food or snacks. It's proper food!!!

Bought ice-cream from their convenience store!

Another reason why I love Taiwan...

Food from their CONVENIENCE STORE tastes AWESOME!!!!! Like seriously, it blows me away. Maybe I did lower my expectations because I am abroad (?) but.. damn. The standard of the food served in their convenience store is just unbelievable.

Ice-cream made on the spot!! The waffle cone was really crispy and fragrant!

Taiwan's fruit beer

Bloody tasty shit. Unbelievable k. First time that I am trying this and I LOVE IT!!!! I prefer the peach flavoured one over the grape one.. didn't try the mango one because I was too full already from all the food from before lol

My attempt at Facetiming Rod.

I couldn't do it though because the WiFi here is too weak for a Facetime connection between a Macbook and an iPhone :(

Hence I crashed on my bed and slept.... And when I woke up, it was time for dinner!!! #whatthehell #gonnagetfat

Food from dinner:
Braised pork rice. Cold dishes: seaweed & tofu

Oyster omelette & carrot cake

Meatball soup (or as they call it here, 贡丸汤) and vegetable soup

All of the above food that I had for dinner are considered to be of average standard and are graded to be as simply being JUST EDIBLE. The waitress who served us wasn't very friendly either. I hope its just because she's had a long day, hence she was feeling grumpy due to lethargy!

To the waitress, press on!!!

Group shot

Look closely: The 2 "weird furry beings" that you see in the tank are known as 'LUCKY SHRIMPS'

I found this in a store that is like Singapore's Toy OutPost/Hako. They sell a small bottle of this containing about 60 of its eggs for about.. SGD$1-2?

I was reading the available information in the tiny shelf and it says that it takes approximately 2 weeks for a shrimp to grow and reproduce. And so in 2 weeks, you'll get your next generation of lucky shrimps!!!

There is a difference between male and female lucky shrimps. The male has a crown on its head, whereas the female has this orange thing around it's middle area. The 2 shrimps that you see in the picture are females!!

Another reason why I love Taiwan: Full of such weird, interesting and fascinating stuff!

Ok time for me to sleep. More again tomorrow night!

Soph <3

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