End-of-Exams Celebration!!!!



Every student (no matter how young or old you are) will rejoice when they have completed their (last) exam paper! After all, taking an exam is considered to be a stressful event, even if it isn't stressful enough to be part of the Life Change Index Scale (a measurement for stress)!

If you don't celebrate after an exam, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

Don't go home and mop la k? Exam over already, cannot turn back time and redo that question which you should have gotten right. Therefore...

I'm crazy over this song these days sorry. I keep singing it in school to annoy my friends or whenever situation deems fit HAHA!



Actually right... What I did right after my exams was to end a short briefing on my upcoming clinical attachment (Yes, it is most unfortunately that time of the year again...) and then I rushed to the library and borrowed my highest record of books in a single receipt!

12 books at one go!!!

Ok lah.. They are all not mine, most were my friend's. She used my card.

I bet it crossed your mind: "WAH! WHY SOPHIE SO MUGGER???"

I only am, once in a very blue moon...

After that I went to meet Rod at Bugis! He went for his music class; I took his laptop and sat at The Soup Spoon for about 2 hours!

My lunch: Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff

Went to Dunley Club: Real Room Escape!
163 Macpherson Road
Singapore 348532
Contact number: 91832206
Website address: http://www.dunleyescape.com/

Rod bought vouchers from Groupon as they were having a sale then, $30 for 2 pax!

The usual price is $26/pax.. I heard from the staff that they will be running a promotion this month and it will be $26 FOR 2 PAX so each person only pays $13!!!


Creepy ornament at the counter

"Look into my eyes....."

Saw a portrait of Disney's Marie outside the toilet (I was waiting for Rod to come out of the loo) and I had to camwhore with her... rightttttt?
She's so adorable!

Rod and I went to the escape room "Hook".....

It was... an epic fail HAHAHA!

So a short summary/reflection of the escape room:

Basically what you do in there is that you are given an hour to find clues, solve puzzles (eg. jigsaw puzzles, simple math questions), find keys, get from the first room to the second room (we didn't even get to step into the second room....), solve the puzzles in the second room and then get out of the place... all in UNDER AN HOUR.

It seems possible, and frankly easy (or so I thought) but gee! SO HARD!!!

I never thought that solving puzzles could be that hard since I liked playing puzzle-like games! The room isn't that creepy but it might seem to be for the first 5-10 minutes because you will be in a dimly light room with a measly flashlight; the sound system is constantly playing some eerie sounds such as the sound of a heart beating faster and faster, a guy's voice saying "笑什么" (meaning: what are you laughing at?)... and yeah, it gets to you.

It got to me especially when Rod wasn't talking to me and was busy trying to figure out the pass-code for the locks and I'm left at one corner to fix the jigsaw puzzle. I could feel my heart beating faster along with the sound system.

But after awhile.. It gets annoying. Like REALLY ANNOYING!!! I wanted to (so badly) smash the stupid speaker so that it would shut up and I could focus on the puzzles at hand. It was so distracting and time was just ticking by.. Oh and! One of the stupid skeletal/witch-like mannequin kept screeching and screaming "HELP ME HELP ME!".

Twice I walked over to the mannequin to try and figure out how I can shut it up. Then I realise that it had a sound sensor and couldn't be switched off. Therefore every time I drop something and it makes a loud "KONK!" on the floor, I'm like.. 'Shit. Here goes that stupid mannequin again...'

Anyway we didn't manage to complete the room. In fact, we only did 1/4 within an hour LOL!

The staff's recommendation was that to have 8 people in that room. There was only the two of us, so.. I guess we did not bad? *beams*

Verdict: Will go back again to have another round... AND I'LL BRING MORE BRAINS (ie. PEOPLE) WITH ME!

Had Thai cuisine for dinner, this restaurant was the nearest eatery that we could find around Dunley Escape Room.

We ended around 8.45pm so.. I WAS FAMISHED!

Not how a famished person should look like?

Ice Lemon Tea ($2.50)

I rarely like Ice Lemon Tea because I find the lemon is either too darn sour or that the tea is too darn bitter (I'm hard to please, I know) but this Ice Lemon Tea was GREAT!!! First thing that I tasted was the fragrance of the lemon, followed by a slight sourness contributed by the lemon and then a sweet taste (I'm guessing that they added honey) and then the fragrance of red tea.. it was so delicious! Wouldn't have minded ordering another one!

Kailan with mushrooms ($6.50)

Pandan Chicken ($6.50)

There were 4 pieces per plate. This is really really really good!!! A must-order if you ever visit the place! They marinated the chicken before wrapping it in pandan to have it fried! The marination was great!! So it made the chicken really tasty!

Had Mango Sticky Rice for dessert!

Their Mango Sticky Rice was good, but not the best that I've had. Their mango was ripe so it was sweet and fragrant! The glutinous rice was cooked with pandan leaves hence with every bite of the rice, you could taste the fragrance of the pandan leaves.

The food was good and relatively cheap. Paid $32 for 3 dishes, 2 plates of white rice, 2 drinks and 1 dessert. Awesome service too!!

How the place looks like from the outside!

And that's all I have for now!

Leaving for Taiwan in 4 more days!!! Yet to pack my luggage (Oh no!)


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