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#OOTD is one of the trending hashtags on Instagram, and it is one of the best ways available for ya to flaunt the outfit that you have meticulously put together for the day!

Personally, I sometimes indulge in the joy of having my 'sense of style' acknowledged by posting up #ootd pics too!

Feels awesome to see people liking your photo, even though I know that some are random meaningless likes. *narcissist in the house*

I was given more opportunities to flaunt whatever (little) fashion sense I had when I was sponsored 3 outfits by wonderroyalty_bs!

Outfit #1:

Wore the skirt to MBS the week before. Whenever I walked past reflective surfaces, I would sneak looks at my skirt floating behind me because it looked so pretty!! I felt like a princess that day!

I went up to the Sky Park at night to see the city lights and gosh.. it was so breezy up there and the back of my skirt just kept flying up like this, and I felt that the moment was really magical..

Outfit #2:

Now this outfit is PUURR-FFECT for all the girls out there with a petite figure, and like to dress up like a doll!

I am obviously too tall for this dress hence I had to double it as a dress-top and wear a pair of white shorts beneath it! Or if not, because of the current rainy season here in Singapore, you can always pair it up with a pair of white jeans and keep your legs warm and dry!

Things which I like about this outfit:
  1. Great for school because it is a casual and unique outfit!
  2. Love the blue gradient from light at the top and dark at the bottom, and the prints which are more distinct at the bottom half of the dress!
  3. It is made of cotton → great for Singapore's humid weather!
  4. There is a zip at the side, for easy wearing!
  5. What I like most about this dress... the unique string-up back!

LOVE!!!!! *throws heart confetti*

Outfit #3:

I name this outfit.. SOPHISTICATION

This is a black and white tribal print romper. I love the black-rimmed halter neck design because it makes the whole outfit looks so classy and it accentuates my collar bone.

This outfit is made out of a lightweight, thin and smooth material thus it is really comfortable to wear and is great for picnics or casual outdoor parties.

Another brilliant feature about this outfit is that it barely creases, hence you don't really have to iron it! (That is, unless you are a neat freak, have OCD, and have to iron all of your outdoor clothes!)


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