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Alright, so I am not the best embodiment of a slim and perfect figure but at least I don't look like that:

See, I told you I fared much better.

But anyway if you want a good role model, I think that the following example would be a good one!

SNSD girls

I used SNSD as an example because they are one of the best embodiments of a perfectly shaped (female) body.

I'll admit that I don't have a perfect body and that I am not a fan of exercising.

I hate the feeling of sweating and I don't believe that exercising is going to help me lose more weight because my appetite ends up being doubled after I have exercised.

Also, the stretch marks that I have around my inner thighs? I got them because I exercised. Apparently my muscles grew too quickly for my skin to adapt to it, and hence the stretch marks. FML -_-|||

Because of my dislike for exercising, I thought I was never going to ever get perfectly slim arms and legs like the SNSD girls. =(

But that was before I was introduced to...

SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control (EXTRA HOT)

If I have to describe the sensation that applying the lotion brings, I will and can only use one word for the description...


In the lotion, there are circular bits of red and yellow, which I believe is meant to add to the hotness level of the the lotion!

I was sponsored this product by my gracious sponsor, Blogshop Queenie and after having tried it out for 2 months and I could really see the difference in my limbs (thighs and arms)!

Before I started using it 2 months ago, I measured the width of my right thigh (which was 51.5cm) so as to see if the lotion really does work.

Afterall this is what was stated on the packaging of the product..
and I had to see if it does deliver what it says it would!

After 2 months of trying out SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Control Control (EXTRA HOT), I measured my right thigh again and...
it was 48.5cm!!!


Don't say that I am selfish and that I do not share the good stuff with you girls!

Today I will be sharing my secret nightly regime to..

Obtaining slimmer limbs!

I will apply this lotion every night before I sleep.

What I do is that I turn the bottle upside down, and give it a good 'thump' down on my palm!

Squeeze the bottle a little and the goodness oozes out!

Rub it into my skin by going in circular motions on the desired area

And here is where I add in a personal touch so as to maximise the benefits of the lotion..
I put on my compression stockings!

These stockings are inspired products. I bought them a long time ago, just for fun. I don't think they work because I tried it a couple of times, and I didn't see any effects.

The reasons why I wore the stockings is because I have a low tolerance level for long pants when I sleep in the night and I move and turn a lot in bed when I sleep. The stocking is meant to keep the lotion on my skin so that I can absorb as much of its benefits as possible, and not have it all transferred onto my bedsheets when I move and turn around in the night!

So, 2 for my legs...

And then my arms..

During my impulse buy, I bought fake compression stockings for my arms too.. (I'm an impulsive buyer, I KNOW.)

And by doing that for 2 months, it is how I got...



Get your bottle of SHILLS Miracle Lift Body Contour Control from Blogshop Queenie for just $45.00!

I knew that it is being sold at SASA too, so I went to check out its price and the exact same product was being sold for $58.90!!

Without doing your math, it can already be told that Blogshop Queenie sells it cheaper already soo...

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