(whispers) hey you, good morning

It's been a long time since I've felt like I'm wandering around aimlessly, without a soul. Just pulling myself to get through the activities that is required to be completed for the day.

All that I want right now is to stay cooped up at home, burying into my books, forgetting the world out there. Not being out in the world that I don't wish to be in at this very moment, taking the train on my way to school, where I have to put on a false front (my Barbie face) and act as if my world is filled only with warm sunshine, gorgeous unicorns and pretty rainbows.

Right now, what's in my world is the sun, the clouds — some dark and clustered, some white and puffy, a sky that changes colour every once in awhile, trees that open its leaves in the morning and closes in the evening, flowers that blooms and withers, rain that pours unexpectedly (and hell, does it never rain when it is suppose to!) and most importantly, humans. The last form of evolution, the top of the food chain, the most advanced creatures in the world, the Aces in this universe. Unpredictable intelligent beings. Great, I'm making us sound like aliens. *rolls eyes*

“Alright I'll be waiting. Sorry if I disturbed you.”

It's killing me to NOT reply him: "Oh no, you're not disturbing me. Continue texting me, PLEASE." I miss him terribly, but I know the importance of this space that I asked for. Leap pass this river and you'll be rewarded. Don't leap pass it, and you are bound for doom, drowning in the fast-flowing current of the river, getting sucked right under, never being able to surface for another gasp of air. Yes I sound dramatic and very possibly an extreme exaggeration of the situation, but that's just how I perceive things. Everyone is entitled to their own individual perception, yes?

All I took was a quick glance of his text for I was on the train and there was an immediate need for me to reply Shimin's text, yet it got stuck in my mind whereas I can't remember a single word in Shimin's text. Oh the irony of things!

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