Isn't it odd?

Isn't it odd on how people who are trying to find themselves/figure out the way of their lives, take tons of pictures during that path/search? I remember how I used to be like that once upon a time. I used to camwhore so much.. Bestie called me a freaking CAMWHORE, and I was like "WHAT...?! WHERE GOT?" then I continued snapping pictures of myself with my camera -.-

I know right, ironical. I guess it's because this period is such an important moment of our lives that we simply want to document every single possible event, down to the second. I remember describing to Rod on how 2011 was for me and I told him that it seemed more like 12 days than 12 months. His reply, "What?! It was so good???"

Yes sir, it was!

In case any of you are wondering, dear Mr. Roderick does not have access to my blog(s). He has asked for permission but I have declined. A girl who wishes to retain her independence and cognitive ability, needs her little piece of virtual heaven. I know that giving him the access would probably be one of the better ways to taking a step towards a more intimate relationship, however I value my thoughts way too much to simply hand it over so easily. The thing that keeps me strong is also the same thing that weakens me. Hence lock it safe in a labyrinth.

Anything else added to that phrase would make it either melancholic or add a false sense of light to the darkness. I'm not saying that darkness is bad but frankly, you've gotta admit -- there is nothing bad about it either. Only those who have once walked through darkness and emerged through it bravely, are the ones who will be able to see the light and walk towards that brightness. Okay what the hell. I feel so out of place saying all of that, yet a weeny bit of awesome-ness surged through me at the same time! Woohoo!

It is only 10:48PM and my eyelids are half-shut. I am tempted to take a quick nap. Yes, you read that clearly. At this hour when I can simply sleep till the next day but no! I have work to do, because I pledged to never permit myself to feel stupid in school ever again, even if it means having dark eye-rings.

Added 3 new polishes to my collection yesterday (Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted The Lizard, Into The Night) and I will be adding 7 more this weekend! I am a happy happy HAPPY girl this week!!! (:

And I always tell him, "Besides you, I have 163 other boyfriends!"


Post-note: Re-counted my polishes.. I've got 170 of them!!! :O

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