Where do they get all that goddamn money?!

Yes, this entry is going to be about the sensitive issue: MONEY!

Earlier on today, Bestie told me that he bought a new summer coat at G2000 for only about a hundred plus dollars and it was on discount too, which makes it a total bargain-able buy. In my head, I was like... "WHAT?! $100++ FOR A BLAZER?! IS HE MADDDDD?!?!!!!" But then again, it's not my money and not my clothes, hence.. *shrugs shoulders* We started talking about our love for blazers and I told him that I have 3 black ones (do not ask me why I need 3 black blazers, with 2 looking almost the same except for the difference in quality and thickness of material), 1 white one and 1 blue one, and I am currently on the lookout for a pink one, a brown one (still contemplating on this one!) and maybe a coral red? Anyhow, I NEED MORE BLAZERS. I haven't been shopping lately and my wardrobe is on a major set-back. Yeah fine, you've probably heard me say that for like a gazillion times because my wardrobe seems to be #forever dead.

Ok, I'm getting to the main gist of this entry already. So I was whining to Bestie on how hard it is to find a good-looking pink blazer WITHOUT SHOULDER PADS (Gosh I can't begin to tell you on my hatred for anything with shoulder pads. So darn ugly-looking!!! And un-feminine!!!) and he told me that I should be on the look-out at ZARA for pink blazers. First thought that crossed my mind: ZARA?! Wouldn't that be really expensive?!! (FYI, I've never bought my blazers for anything more than $80.. I think! Can't really recall how much I paid for one of my black blazers which is made of a better quality) I was thinking that I could probably find my desirable pink blazer someday, from somewhere, at some reasonable affordable price..

It's not that I don't have the monies, and I suppose it is pretty ironical to hear someone who wouldn't hesitate to spend $84 on 4 bottles of nail polish, to be so stingy with regards to getting herself a good pink blazer. I guess it's because I draw a fine line between my shopping money and my savings.

I was blog-surfing earlier on, and as I looked through the pictures of all the popular bloggers, displaying to the world of their gorgeous garments and branded goods.. I started wondering, where do they get all that money to get all those goods? Then it hit me! Do they not save? To be fair to those who do save, I'm just making a wild guess here. I do know of some friends who are vivid shoppers, only shopping at high-end stores, and they DO NOT save. The reasons as to why they do not save varies - from "I do not work thus if I save, what do I have left to spend?" to "I do not know how to save". So yeah, I rather not judge on their reasons since we all have our own mindsets and as much as we hope for others to respect our mentality, I guess we should first respect others, yes? Albeit I will admit that I do find some of their reasons to be absurdly ridiculous. Then again, those same people will probably find me ridiculous as well for spending over a hundred on nail supplies every month. Oh well...

To each his own, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm coming up with a new blogskin. Getting rather tired of seeing this current one all the time. And frankly it has been ages since I last changed my blog template. Something new is usually something good. Also, it is a new year afterall. I shall get Bestie to help me with my new blogskin since I really suck at JavaScript and he is the pro at these techno-stuff!!! I'm thinking of taking a break from my usual white layout. Yes darlings, I am indeed getting tired from seeing so much white all the time too! Haha! It doesn't change the fact that white is still my favourite colour though! I'm thinking of taking things up a notch, going for a tiled background or something. As per usual, nothing too complex, something simple and easy for the eyes. I wouldn't like to blog either if my blog is all complicated and not to my liking!

Ooo.. So many things to do! New blogskin! Golden dragon nails for the upcoming CNY! Lexy's arrival to SG! Korean revision before the classes start on 13th Feb! Work and shopping! And meeting Bestie every month!!!

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy - all it takes are just the simplest little things in my life. (:

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