Note: This entry was suppose to be uploaded on the 31st of December 2011.

OKAY, so in 2 hours time, it will officially be the end of 2011 and the start of 2012! An event that I've been looking forward to since like.. September? LOL

Here is my summary of my 2011:

I'll only be listing the somewhat-main event(s) of the month!


Kicked start the year by working at Esprit!


Dyed my hair for the first time - mahogany brown


Went clubbing for the first time, twice in a month! First with Shin, second with my 大姐! I also left Esprit that month.


Worked at Science Centre Singapore


Went to Taiwan with my sisters!


Started giving tuition by working at Little Sparkler Learning Centre! My first 2 students, Walter and Terry! I'm no longer teaching them as I quitted my job at the tuition centre at the end of this November.

Life pretty much slowed down after I started working as a private tutor.. It was mostly work, shop, go crazy over nails, eat and be bimbotic occasionally. Nothing spectacular. Well except the fact that I started going gaga over neoprints (again!) and had my girlfriends to camwhore with me!


Dyed my hair for the second time. My stylist decided that I should try having red and blonde highlights, and I went for it. And yes, I (finally) got myself an iPhone!!! My Vivienne Westwood-inspired bling iPhone cover!


Went on a short holiday with my family to Kuantan Malaysia.

When we came back, we held a family gathering at our place, in celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival.

Tutees had their EOY exams, thus everyone wanted extra lessons, hence I pretty much turned into a workaholic for the month of October. Fortunately, I still managed to squeeze some fun into my schedule! Went to USS twice that month!

First with the Tan family.

Second with my sister for the USS Halloween Horror Night event.


One of my cousins, Maggie, got married.

Went for Swiss Guides Camp 2011.


Went into Desaru, Malaysia for a day to have seafood for lunch! ((:

Then Xmas dinner at my place! With my grandfather falling ill 2 days later, and was sent into NUH A&E... In case you're wondering what I did for my birthday, 30th December 2011, I went to work in the morning then spent the rest of the day in the hospital. Bet you've never spent your birthday in a hospital before! Ha!

Anyway, yeap! That concludes my 2011. (:

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