2012 new year resolution: "2012 will be SUCCESSFUL!"

Hmmm I can't help realising that my new year resolutions aren't the usual sort like less pimples, better grades, be more dilligent and etc. I suppose it's because I'm making a wish for the entire year, rather than just a small category. After 2010, I learnt how important it is to be happy and strong. K wtf, not suppose to be reminiscing about the past. *shakes head to remove thoughts*

School starts this year. Freaking can't wait for it!!! Then again, I should probably utilise my last 4 months of holiday to the maximum! Since I'll probably never get such a break ever again..! HMMMMMMMM. I shall first plan for my first 4 months of this going-to-be awesome and successful year!

Plans for 2012 (from January to April):


Omg there's going to be so much shopping and eating and fun! And photos too!!! Plans for CNY are currently in progress. I know that there will definitely be a trip to USS! And probably a trip to Malaysia as well! OMG OMG OMG! CANNOT WAIT! Counting down: 18 more days!


I took elementary class 1 last January and then I stopped there. Lost the interest in pursuing it further as I hadn't had the time to memorise my Korean alphabets and frankly, I regretted having not been more diligent. It's just like my interest in piano. I took up piano lessons when I was in Primary 3/4 I think.. The teacher sucked, so I didn't even bother to practise and hence I didn't manage to make it pass grade 1 and I'm full of regrets about it. Maybe I'll take up piano lessons again someday, and get at least a decent grade 5 or something. Shall include it in my to-do wishlist. I feel absolutely stupid being a music illiterate! :(

Anyway I have yet to even sign-up for my elementary class 2!! Shall be a good girl and go get myself registered tomorrow! One of my resolutions for 2012: BE ABLE TO SPEAK FLUENT KOREAN BY THE END OF THIS YEAR! RAWR!!!

2012 is going to be one helluva crazy year. There's going to be school, work, and korean classes. AND SHOPPING OF COURSE!!!! My nail polishes...@_@ "Oh, swatches of Spring collection 2012, why aren't you out yettttt? Why why whyyyyyy?"

People say that I'm crazy to have close to 90 bottles of nail polishes... swatchandlearn has 500++ bottles k!!! My collection is like comparing an ant to an elephant when compared to hers! Motivation to get more nail polish! Weehee! *rubs hand in glee*


HMMMMM. Haven't thought that far yet. There is Daddy's birthday.. I wanna go abroad once more before school starts. I wanna do something crazy (minus any possible messy drama!) I wanna go on a picnic with Bestie at the beach and probably do some cycling as well - he has been nagging me for 18 months to go to the beach with him. Ooo! There is also Sin Hui's birthday!!! HEE-HEE-HEE! Oh, I wanna go for an exhibition as well, be it at MBS or SSC. I'll see what there is when March finally creeps up.


- SCHOOL!!!!!!
*JUMPS UP AND DOWN WITH JOY* I seriously miss going to school k. Making friends and studying, doing homework and learning new things. Fag man. I never thought that I'd see myself ever saying that! Guess a year of break can really change a person's attitude about various things in life. Hahaha!

I shall get Joey to go on a shopping spree with me 2 weeks before the start of school, in preparation for the upcoming busy days when I'll have no life and all there will be for me is school, work, korean classes, home. :O

School, school, school!!!! So freaking EXCITED!

Oh shit. I just googled for the Spring/Summer collection 2012 for OPI, China Glaze and Essie, and I'm shitting excited. Literally bobbing about in my chair and waving my hands in mid-air like a severely brain-damaged mental patient. Taking big gulps of air to calm myself down. I know that most of you (or probably all of you) don't get a single thing that I'm saying but it's okay. It's polishaholic language. Totally understandable and forgivable.

-For my own records-

OPI's Spring/Summer 2012 Holland collection. OPI's Nicki Minaj collection - hate most of the colours except for Metallic 4 Life which I found to be fairly acceptable.

China Glaze... I'm telling you, OHMYGAWD. Electropop collection, Prismatic collection, and lastly... the one that I'm looking forward to the most of all, Magnetix collection!!! I'll never have enough of glitter polishes, holographic polishes, and duochromes/multichromes. What I do not have is magnetic polishes and yes!!! I CAN FINALLY GET MY PERFECTLY MANICURED HANDS ON SOME BOTTLES OF AWESOME MAGNETIC POLISH! Ok, I need to calm down and stop hyperventilating. *takes in several big gulps of air*

Essie: A Spring To Invest In collection, Go Overboard collection, Resort 2012 collection. I've already seen swatches for the Go Overboard collection and I'm dying for the polishes already. Most of the polishes for the A Spring To Invest In collection have a matte finish and I'm not a fan of matte as I feel that polishes should always finish glossy so as to give this 'popping' sensation. But okay, that's just me. If the colours are truly fantastic, I guess I'll give them a layer of Seche Vite to make them glossy and popping. Resort 2012 collection... *shrugs shoulders* Need to see the swatches first.

Someone please tell me, how can 2012 NOT be awesome and fabulous and magnificient and SUCCESSFUL? Just the Spring/Summer 2012 polish collections are enough to make me so whooping crazy! Can you imagine how I'd be like when the Fall/Winter and miscellaneous collections come out?! I should probably empty out another drawer for my polishes, or better yet, just grab a couple of giant-size plastic containers from Daiso to place my polishes? The latter seems like a better idea!

Ah... What a good start to 2012. Pretty polishes and gorgeous clothes, aims and goals, resolutions and wishes. I have a good plan in hand, and am ready to implement it.

This is going to be the best year yet.

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