I was a total fool yesterday. I went to work at 3pm, reached my workplace area, entered the office, only to find out that I'm not suppose to be working today. Apparently, I copied the work schedule wrongly (I clearly remembered double, in fact triple, checking while copying!) and well yeah.. I was not scheduled to work today. So, after buying some necessities which my sister required for her (now postponed) Japan trip, and changing SGD300 to 20000YEN, I headed back home.

Before I continue blabbering on.. I feel like a total idiot okay. Less than 15 minutes after I exchanged the money, reached home and turn on my laptop, I FOUND OUT ABOUT THE 8.9 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI IN JAPAN!!!!! Which in turn might have resulted in a change in the exchange rate, and most possibly a drop! %$#%^%$^#%&#$%$$@^%#$!#@
The world is so unfair sometimes. Just imagine my frustration when I found out. *tugs at my hair*

Back to the topic. So I went home, did this, did that, slacked around abit, surfed the net, helped my mom to check if my sister's flight was being cancelled and whether my sister could get a refund and etc etc. Oh wait, I think I forgot to mention that I deliberately went to surf youtube to source for a video regarding on the situation in Japan, and then went to tag my sister on facebook, because the nincompoop refused to answer my calls nor reply my text messages. Also, my parents hogged the television and had their eyes glued onto CNA as they absorbed every bit of information which the news broadcaster was giving regarding Japan. Proof of my parents' love for my sister (:

*ahem* THEN, (omg after digressing for so long, I am finally talking about the main topic of this entry) I went out with Shiying to Cityhall. We bought a small pack of Garrett's popcorn (Flavor: Caramel Crisp with Cashews) which I forgot to take a picture of (Whoops!), to sneak into the cinema later on. After getting our movie tickets, we walked around for a bit trying to figure out where to settle our dinner, and we finally chose...

Olio Cafe!
The food was really good, and price worthy, as compared to Billy Bombers :/

And now here comes an array of photos with captions included!

Bottle of Olive oil which I found to be really.. interesting?

My dove ring. Stop trying to look out for finger hairs or stare at my chubby fingers. TYVM.

My primary school bestfriend, Seet Shiying (aka Shinni!)

And then the food started arriving. As per usual, appetizers are first served.

Farm Fresh Mushroom Soup

Next comes the main course.

Shiying's Beef Rendang Lasagne

My Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Steak Baked Rice.
To me, the whole acquired taste was rather unique and without disappointment, delectable.

We were too full for deserts so we headed off to watch our movie.

Red Riding Hood

You wanna know what the plot is about? You wanna know how good the movie is? You wanna know whether it is worth watching? Go watch the movie yourself then. Heh! The only comment which I will make is that this director's directing skills are definitely improving (with reference to the Twilight Saga).

9 years and still counting on!

Alright. Abrupt ending. I'm tired. Goodnight.

And yes, I dyed my hair. Something which I once said that I'll never do. I guess people and their thoughts, mentality and decisions, do change afterall.

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