The blinds were lifted off my window, and light shone in

I realise that as of late, I am glued to my laptop till the wee hours of the night. Not that I am doing anything much such as chasing after my usual drama serials (ie. The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Pokémon), but rather just surfing the internet. What ever happened to my self-made promise to not get hooked up over the internet, and to spend less time on my laptop. Kay, self-note to buy some dvds, so I would be hooked onto the television and the dvd player, rather than my laptop. :/

As I was saying, I've been surfing the internet alot lately and... I came across this quote.

"Between two evils always pick the one you haven’t tried." — Mae West

Life is filled with choices. We often hope that between those two choices, one is good and one is bad. But what if that isn't the case? What if both choices are equally shitty? (Hey! It wouldn't be life if shit didn't happen.) I once heard from someone that when such events happen, you pick the lesser of the two evils. When I heard of that, a question popped into my head. Based on what sort of judgement, am I suppose to conclude which evil is the lesser one of the two? And how exactly do you define "lesser" of the two evils? Evil means evil, no? So which ever one you choose, you would still end up with evil-ness. Hence, I have to be honest and say that the saying I heard wasn't of much help to me when it came to decision-making during those shitty scenarios. I thought, crap, does that mean that there is no other viable option to deal with such crappy situations? Finally, I can press the buzzer and proudly announce that there is!

I don't know about you, but this is my other option. I know that it isn't much better as compared to the other saying, but I suppose the possibility of a miracle happening in the unknown is what appeals to me. Afterall, I live in the world of people possibilities. And so, I will cross my fingers, hope and pray.

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