Esprit Part II

I'm too lazy and mentally exhausted to type any proper captions for this entry. I'll probably do it another time when I'm in the mood to, which is most probably never ever? My mood is further ruined by a particular someone (TYVM for this). Anyway, just look at the pictures. Isn't there this cliché saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Well, happy reading/looking at 5000 words then.

With my mother, Mazalina Roslan, who is preferentially referred to as Maz for short. She is due in about 5 months time? 3rd kid. Ultrasound says it is a boy. Burberry!!! (Kay, that was totally random and I think I'm the only one who'll get the link for that. Oh well, it is for my future reference when I someday look back at my older entries.)

Jenny, another senior staff who guided me and offered me alot of help during my first few days of work. And yes, she has purple hair. Damn cool right? Woohoo! It's a pity I'll never muster enough guts to do such crazy colours. Then again, it is probably not a pity afterall. Imagine me with pink or purple or blue hair. Zomg. So wrong!! *shakes my head violently to remove the crazy images of me in pink, purple, blue or green hair*

Ma Qiao Na, who prefers to be known by the name of Cindy. She got transferred from another outlet about a month after I started working. Even though we spent a shorter time together as compared to with the rest of my colleagues, she was also one of those whom I could get along better with. Or should I say, fool around with. Ha!

This is Hamli, who lives in Malaysia and crosses the border everyday to come to work. He is my singing/dancing buddy at work. Kay, I promised to print a copy of this picture but have yet to done so. (Self-note: Stop being a lazy bum-bum and do the things that you said you would!)

Last but not least, TADAH!!! This is the auntie whom I was talking about in my previous entry. Okay, I've also promised her that I'll print a copy of this for her. (Self-note: SEE!!! 2 things on your need-to-do list already!)

Kay, no more. Good day to you.

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