You know what, I feel like a fool.
A fool that is waiting for a miracle to happen.
Although I know very well, that the miracle is not going to take place.

You know what, I'm tired. I'm really tired.
I'm tired of waiting all the time.

You know what, I just asked ee-ore, what should I do?
And guess what, he couldn't reply me either because he is just a stuffed toy.

You know what, I'm having a raging fever now.
But I'm not resting because I'm still holding onto that bleak gleam of hope.
I'm hoping for that miracle to take place.
I'm hoping that for once, you'll keep your promise.

All I've got now is just my stuffed donkey, my tutorials and my music to keep me accompany.
But what I really need is you.
Do you know that?
I doubt you do........

And most probably, you're just going to dismiss me again tonight.

All in all, although I really feel like hating you. But I simply cant.
Because I love you still.

I'm still waiting...

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