So did you notice the difference in this entry compared to the rest?
It's lacking of a sub-title.
You know the one that is normally underlined and coded in red.
Genevieve is making a new blogskin for me. So while she is still working on it.
I thought it would be best if I start correcting my habit of writing a sub-title.
It started 2 years ago when I changed a blogskin and that blogskin was meant for
And somehow, I couldn't publish the title of my entry so I started creating one myself.
Eventually, I changed a blogskin again but I kept the idea of making a sub-title, and I ended up creating more trouble for myself because.. instead of thinking of ONE title, I've got to think of TWO titles.
At times, I simply delete the half-written entry all together because it just doesn't make sense. -.-

Oh and about, screw it!
It is now a MUST to have music players that can play music video as well, or else you can't work the music player. Which also means that you can't play any songs! %@^$@&^*%%#@$&#@@$
Until Genevieve is done with my new blogskin, I shall survive without any songs for the moment.

It is my second and last year in Cj.
I shall make this year a fruitful year, filling it up to the brim with loads of memories.
Instead of passing each day as it is, boring days = nothing to remember about.
Not what I want my 2010 to be. It's a decade since the new millenium! Shall past it wisely.
And naturally, I am gonna get through it with my baby (:
To think.. I just sat for a national exam 2 years ago. And I am gonna sit for another one this year. Life truly sucks at times. But I'll live through it.

I know it is a little too late to think back about 2009.
But there is one thing which I gotta note about the previous year.
Sparky, Rest In Peace. 2008-2009
Yeap, my favourite hammie died. Apparently, he got into a fight with Fluffy one night.
Baby woke up the next day in the afternoon, went to check on the hammies and realised that Sparky was lying on one side, on the floor of the cage, motionless.
He poked Sparky several times but my hammie still did not move.
He turned Sparky over and saw that one of his eyes had been gorged out by Fluffy during the fight. And thus... the death of my favourite hamster.
We had Sparky buried in the front yard of the Yeoh's estate.
The hamster that screamed at baby and gave us a whole lot of trouble when it was young, would forever live in our memory....

Alright, I'm badly distracted by Facebook. And baby is coming early in the morning tomorrow.
I shall first feed my curiousity about the latest updates on fb before going to bed.
Night chicks and dudes.


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