One day, when you look back...

Memories are rushing in.

I'll start with an awkward introduction today.
Its the best way that I can think of to explain why I'm even writing this.
I was at my lil cousin's blog a few moments ago.
Her style of writing... she's really outfront about things.
Personally, I can NEVER EVER be like her and outrightly criticise someone.
I can make many many rounds around a bush but I'll still never be able to say the person's name out.
I guess I care too much about the other party's feeling. I dont want to get the person too upset or else the person might get really depressed. And perhaps commit suicide or something. (If it ever gets so serious!)
Haven't you read the news?! There's an increasing number of youths who are turning to suicidal acts so as to escape from the pressure that society has incurred upon them! *GASP*

Anyway, I'm drifting away from my topic.
I'll just put words in such a manner.
My style of writing was just like her YEARS AGO.
The way of expressing your thoughts, you just write whatever that comes to your mind. You do not think through it thoroughly, you do not process your words.
You just dump whatever you think.
It all sounds like a whole bunch of bullshit crap now.
Reading what you once wrote could make a blush start creeping into your cheeks.
But in the past, its totally okay because that is what's going through your mind.
Honestly, I have no idea how I managed to write all that crap last time.
I guess its just how my style of writing was at that point of time.
As time passes, a person's style of writing would gradually change.
Perhaps one day, my entries would be filled with lots of amazing philosophies yet that would be the point of time when no one can be bothered to read my entries anymore.
Hold on, is anyone even reading them now? O.o?

Before I get killed for not updating anything about.
Here is a brief summary of today.
I had my econs paper today.
I finished my econs paper today.
I went to honey's place after my paper ended today.
I finally got to squeeze my hammies at honey's place today.
I got to bully my hammies today.
The end.

HAHAHAHAAHAHHA. I'm just joking.
But that really is a brief summary of what happened today.
Anyway, my hammies have grown alot over the past few months.
They're sooooooooooo fat now.
But comparing with other hamsters, they're still considered thin. :(
Oh well, thin hammies are pretty good too.
I'm glad my hammies do not suffer from obesity! :D
I'm guessing that fluffy is gay. Because he keeps nosing sparky.
And then sparky gets really irritated, makes a whole bunch of squeaky noises and runs away from fluffy. And what'd ya know! Fluffy continues pestering sparky.
Okay, I know I'm exaggerating the situation.
I'm praying that my hammie really isn't a gay.

Because fluffy is forever pestering sparky, sparky has learned something new!
He has found a new hiding place!

Sparky has (somehow) learned how to climb up the wheel and wedge himself between the wheel and the cage.
And while he is up there, fluffy would be standing downstairs waiting for sparky to come down as fluffy has yet to master that skill of wedging!

Alright, I've got cute hammies. I know that.
And I love my adorable hammies with all my heart.
Dont be jealous, I've got a small place left in my heart for you too! :P

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