Let the rain wash my troubles away

Save your sorrow for tomorrow.

The school year is coming to an end.
I'm done with Written Report.
I've just got another hurdle to cross - Promos.
The thought of it sends a chill going through my bone.
I'm at a loss for words.
Chemistry is killing my brain cells.
Economics is making me money-minded.
Maths is making me go bald.
Geography is simply WOW. I'm losing my mind soon.
Last but not least, General Paper. A paper that seems ever so easy, but its the toughest paper among all.
You can't study for it.

There's so many things on my mind.
I've got a party to plan.
I've yet to decide if I'm going for OCIP.
I'm going off to Perth again, and its for 20days this time.
Ah crap.. Its so easy to say,
"Put everything aside for now and concentrate on promos first. We'll think about it later."
I wish it was that easy honey.

I'm in desperate need to add more photos into my photo album.
I'll do after promos end. I promise.
It's time to study again. I can't wait to burn all my books away.
Its a funny thing that I've never burned my books away.
Even my secondary school stuff,
all the notes, books, worksheets, assignments, projects, are being kept away in boxes, sitting in a corner of the study room gathering dust.
I think the layer of dust is about 1cm thick.
One day, I'll burn them all away. I definitely will do that, one day...

It's back to staring at the periodic table, mathematical formulas, diagrams on plate tectonics,
and knowing the mindset of a consumer and a producer.
I would gladly love to watch kiddy shows like Pokemon now.
Where did those naive days go to? I miss those days.
I want back my 1st of October! :(

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