A Little Bit of Me

My turn to be in the limelight!!

After so many entries on nothing but the story,
i'm getting a little tired on writing.
i've never thought that story-writing could be that tiring.
Especially when i've got to squeeze my brain juice out for details.
Somehow, when that writer-mode just suddenly vanishes,
writing becomes a total killer.

its the 1st week back in school.
everyone is still in the post-holidays mood,
the i-dont-want-to-go-back-to-school mood. as if anyone wants to. :X
new term = new notes.
most of my term 2 notes are twice the thickness of term 1.
in order to survive through my term 2,
i've gone to unnecessary needs by separating those THICK notes into smaller piles.
i'm still wanting my spine to be perfect condition.

as the days go by,
everyone's schedule is getting more hectic.
like the Himalayas Mountain, our mountain of homework is growing as well.
and its at a much much faster rate.
everyday when i reach home, the first thing i'll do is crash and sleep.
waking me up is already a chore for my mom,
now its a killing job.
too bad, i love the bed, my mom loves me.
this is life.

work is work, life is life.
two different aspects of my life.
which is why.....
there's still playtime! :D
haven't you always heard those experts saying,
you've got to set time out for fun no matter how busy you are.. and blah and blah.
so yes, i've got half a day set out every week.
its obvious who i always spend that half a day with.
what about you?

on my craze of sticking stickers all over his belongings,
his spectacles was not let off the hook either!

looking for some really cute disney stickers?
head over to MINI-TOONS!
they're selling these really cute stickers at $1.95 for 50 pieces! its a bargain!

watched CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC. a definite movie worth watching.

after shopping for daddy's presents (birthday next friday!),
New York New York again. the food there is rather good!

while waiting for the food,
my camera went "snap snap snap"! :D

Double Barrel sandwich!
one of the nicest sandwich we've ever eaten (:

alright alright.
i know this post is freaking lousy and short.
too bad! the lady doesnt have much of a choice.
she has to complete her mountain pile of homework.
hate tomorrow's timetable. why cant it all be lectures?!?!
why is there so many freaking tutorials!! *grumbles*
life should be more fair.

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