Saturday, March 14, 2009

My third post of the day!

everyone, lets rejoice this happy occasion with her!!

we went to New York New York to celebrate her birthday!

oooo yeah...
she's a New Yorker! hahahahaa.

the two devils who gave our girlfriend the best birthday present ever! :X


jiaher insisted on taking a picture with her rotisserie (half spring) chicken.
oh and, she finished the whole freaking plate!!!
ate all the chicken!! *takes my hat off*

the birthday girl ordered Latino Chicken Chop!

& so did i!
honestly lah jiaher, the latino is better than your rotisserie. :B

hehehehe. the birthday girl & her birthday present,
Waffle + Chocolate Ice Cream. :D

what wildness.

what elegance. what an ironical difference.

when one of the waiters started walking around, giving out cotton candies,
jia her said: LOOK!! COTTON CANDIES!! *starts salivating!* (although she just finished half a spring chicken)
me & sin hui: please lah jia her, how old are you?!?!? you're not going to get one.
-Few minutes later-
while me and sin hui were talking,
suddenly the waiter walked over and passes jia her a cotton candy.
jia her was elated! said thank you to the waiter in a high shrilly voice.
moi turns around and asked her: how did you manage to get one? what did you do?

jiaher: i stared at the cotton candy.

so yes, thats how she got her cotton candy!

jiaher ate it till the whole blob of cotton candy was almost of the stick!

-talks talks talks-
suddenly me and jia her were like.. HUH?!?!!?
stares at each other and gives each other a O.O???
HAHAHAHHAHAAH. yes, we're totally nonsensical.
which is why sinhui loves us so very much! :D

hey! dont you know that you needa exercise after eating?
which was why we went to the night market for a walk after dinner!
but we ended up buying even more stuff to eat :X
especially me. Oops!!

hello my dear girlfriend,
i know you'll be reading this.
i just wanna tell you a few things.

firstly, dont kill me. PLEASE!!!
i know i'm supposed to post this out last night. but i was really too tired.
forgive me alright birthday girl? :D
considering the fact that i thought of that brilliant birthday present!! :X
(psstt... me & jiaher's birthday present was to make her fat! which explains the desert. LOL!! )

next, again i needa apologize.
i know i'm a really really bad girlfriend. i almost forgot about your birthday.
swear i wont in the future! :D
besides, didnt me and jia her said that
we're gonna make you either 18 cookies next year,
or some other wacko stuff so long as it'll make you fat? LOL!
yes, we're devils.
but too bad for you. we're your best girlfriends too.

now for the real thing.
girl, you didnt think that we'd really be that mean did you?
how could we forget to give you a birthday present?
and besides!! its your 17th birthday!!
we needa find a way to make it memorable for you.
i'm sorry that we had to make you feel really really miserable,
when you saw us discussing behind the menu,
ordering the desert together without asking you,
making it seem as though we were having it for ourselves.
but!! it's worth it, isnt it?
GOTCHA! for that huge surprise!
i doubt i'll ever forget that expression on your face. for life.
when the waiter brought the desert over,
we turned and said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIN HUI!!
i swear to god, your eyes were really popping out!
that was your expression on your face.
it was really really funny.
which explained why me and jia her couldnt stop laughing.
its been a really long time since someone surprised you like that isnt it?
well, i'm glad that we could be the honoured ones.
giving you that surprise.
girl, take it easy with your workload okay?
whenever you need a break,
need someone to talk to,
need to de-stress,
need a little laughter,
just give us a call alright?
we'll always be there for you.
you cant possibly deny that we wont be able to make you happy.
you had a happy night yesterday didnt you?
you were laughing non-stop!
i mean, HOW COULD YOU NOT?!?!!?
you've got 2 jokers beside you,
who can do nothing better except to talk nonsense.
i think our facial expressions is more than enough to keep you laughing throughout the whole night.
we're your personal comedians. designed and manufactured to perfection.

how many times have someone told you, friends forever?
yes, you can be friends forever.
but how deep is your friendship?
skin-deep? or is it all the way to the core of your bone?
scenario 1:
you walk on the streets, you see a friend, you say hi!
the person waves back hello.
& then both of you walks separate ways.
scenario 2:
you walk on the streets, you see me, you say hi!
i walk over quickly, says hi,
and we end up blabbering tons of stuff in the middle of the street.
i think i'll even forget that honey is beside me just to talk to you. (oops! sorry honey!!)
finally, we break away unwillingly.
you walk away and a tiny smile plays on your mouth.
you feel all sweet and happy inside.

now tell me, which scenario would you like? (:
if you say scenario 1,
i swear to god,
me and jiaher is gonna make your birthday next year super super miserable.
by my meaning of super super miserable,
i'm referring to something like SUPER-SIZE ME!
yes, you get what i mean. SOMETHING EXTREMELY FATTENING!!
i'm threatening you indeed!
too bad!! you've got girlfriends like us!! LOL!
we're going to do whatever we can so that you'll remember us forever.
well, its not like you can forget us either.
we're deeply imprinted in your mind, aint we? teeheeeeee.

once again,