I'm not blogging from home!


alrighty. Missy Leow is boredddddddd.
ever since JC started,
i havent seen my grandmama & grandpapa in ages.
so as a fillal little granddaughter,
i came over to see them with my parents this friday night.
well, when i say SEE,
i really mean SEE!
trying to avoid any possible lengthy conversation
as speaking in dialect just aint my forte.
my parents are always laughing when im speaking dialect.
they say that i sound like a caucasian trying to converse in Chinese -.-
hey! even SOME caucasian speak decent Chinese alright?
& i cant help sounding all weird & funny.
this is the 21st century youths' dialect accent!
please do not learn from me, speak in the correct accent,
or you'd be the No.1 joker at home.
& yes! that includes meimei. sitting beside me reading as i type.

back to my post.
my entries seem to be lacking of photos again.
so here is another stream of photos taken. TODAY! :D

school ended at 12PM today.
due to release of A level results.
met ning jiejie in town.

firstly, MY LUNCH! every human has got to eat ya know...

Appetiser: Soup of the day! Cream of Mushroom! *smacks lips*
i can NEVER get enough of Cream of Mushroom. teeheeee.

well, all except for that atrocious Shitake Mushroom soup that i once had at Jack's place.
the taste of that soup is imprinted deeply in my mind.
doubt i'll ever forget it. worst soup EVER.
its even much worst than Cream of Corn. urrgh!

My main meal: Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise!

I'm finally getting decent food after having tons of light food,
all thanks to the freaking viral infection. *grumbles*

Ning Jie had erm...
DORY-something something
i forgot the name of the dish. oops!
all i could remember was that it consisted of this scrumptious dory fish fillet. :D
& nope, the shots are not very glamorous. teeheeee.
i'm taking over the photographing skills of my sister.

after the missys have filled their stomach.
they proceeded to their main mission of the day.
starbucks is the venue! kinda obvious actually......

she had white chocolate + chocolate powder + cinammon

while i had good ol' plain water.
anything with cinammon just aint my cup of drink!
(OH AND! pssttt.... although that's white chocolate. it does not taste a single bit like chocolate. coffee is a much precise description to that drink. for a non-coffee lover.)

after allllllll the hard work.
we do deserve a little break. so off we went shopping!
for her bag.

we saw tons and tons of bags.
got the sales assistants to show us plenty and plenty of bags.
but still, we went home empty handed.
bags with pretty designs aint big enough.
while big bags have are truly ugly in terms of design & colour.
i guess her luck just wasnt there.
no worries ning jiejie! i'll go shopping with ya again to look for your bag.
and before i forget, thanks for the lunch!


my evening was spend at HERE. my grandma's house.
and another session of camwhoring began,
while this guy tried to sleep. LOL!
sad life for you, ying!

meimei's MEH-MEH!

guess who's foot that is in the next 2 pictures below?

ALRIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. done with the cam-whoring.
and the answer to the question:
goodnight all.

P.S. i love my new sassy red phone (:
nope, its not the latest design.
but at the very least, its what i would really call a phone.
with the functions of a music player and a camera.
i no longer need to carry my Sony Walkman wherever i go,
and bring my Canon camera with me when i want to picture my past down.
ah.... the joy of technology. it brings such convenience.

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