Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm a survivor! well.. going to be.

pardon me for this insane cryout but...

i feel so much like a primary school kid.
rejoicing over holidays. an unusual adrenaline rushing through me.
beaming like mad knowing that i need not see any lecturers or tutors for a week :X
but then again,
when i stared at my diary,
i found that i've got practically nothing to do.
i've got no trainings, no camps, no remedials, nothing at all.
so this march holidays is practically gonna be a total SLACK-OUT for me.
i think.
somehow, my events tend to start popping out at the very last minute.
and i've got no intentions on having a dull holiday.
since the events, outings & fun dont come to me,
& i've got absolutely no patience to wait for them to come crawling towards me,
it'll be my duty to go search them outtttttttttttttttt! :D

speaking of boredom.
its a freaking hell 3AM now.
since its the holidays, my parents are letting me off the hook.
no more 12AM bedtime nags. for now.
even if they dont give me those naggings and lectures,
someone else is BOUND TO.
& trust me, he is so much MORE harsher than them.
anywayyyyyy, just as i'm speaking of boredom,
i've got no activities planned on for the later part of today. *grumbles*
perhaps i'll drag my feet over to my grandma's house
to pass the 2 imbeciles Eclipse from the Twilight series.
pray hard that i'm in good mood little brothers (:
& that i'm a hardworking sister. which is highly unlikely,
since laziness pretty much rules my life!

the other day when i was over at my grandma's house.
i suddenly realised that they own tons of adidas shoes.
so i went into this craze of taking photos of a collection of stuff.
(psst... actually i was bored of doing the geog. project,
finding all sorts of lame excuses to get myself to take a break. teeheeee!)

presenting to you,

as it can clearly be seen.
i was extremely bored.
& man, its taking me ages to blog today.
i'm badly distracted doing other stuff.
from uploading more songs into my new Mp3,
to uploading more photos now.

honey refused to get away with not getting me a decent birthday present.
i've got no idea how he terms the word "decent".
so he was extremely sweet and got a new Mp3.
he's got something against my Sony Walkman, the "inferior" good.
to moi, its working perfectly fine.
hence i still term it as a "normal" good.

i think i've had one too many Economics.
either that or i'm beat up. my eyelids are real heavy.
drooping shut already.
gosh.... age does catch up with one when you're old.
the lady needs her beauty sleep now.
night people.