here is your update of our family.
today is Jessica's 1st baby's (keiron) birthday.
he's 1 years old now.
sorry i forgot to take any picture of the gathering.
but well, you got the update of our cousin zi qing (:
i'll go check from my sister if she took any picture tmr.
we celebrated his birthday at ALOHA LOYANG CHALET.
its at downtown east.
i (sort of) dragged zi qing to go walking with me.
we went to the beach and started talking and stuff.
barely spend any time in the chalet itself.
so really sorry.
our grandparents however, did not turn up for keiron's birthday party.
they went praying this afternoon and were pretty exhausted by the time they reached home.
so even if i took, its kind of pointless yeah?
since our main motive of taking pictures is to know that our dearest grandparents are fine and healthy.
well, i guarantee to you that they definitely are!
our grandfather is as cheery as ever.
and our grandmother's culinary skills are still that brilliant!
anyway, ah-ma's birthday is coming up soon.
somewhere around august i think.
i promise to take tons of pictures for you to view.
oh yeah. do you know that Jessica is pregnant again?
yeapp. its her 2nd baby. its due in november!
i think its a boy if i didnt rmb wrongly.
hope i'll get a chance to see it before i go over to australia.
in that way, you'll get to view how your *nephew looks like.

i'm gonna stop here now.
if you want, i can take a picture of how our grandparents are.
since i now live so near them.
im practically over at their house every alternate day of the week.
so yeah, leave me a tag the things that you want me to do.
i'll try my very best to accomplish them.
dont you give any ridiculous things for me to do.
decent accomplish-able things you understand me?
good. i know you do (:

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