La Vida: Back For A Touch-Up For Better Brows

It’s been two years since my last visit to LA VIDA. That was my virgin attempt at eyebrow embroidery and it turned out better than expected!

My “fake” brows were natural-looking and long-lasting — c’mon, they lasted for two good years! I didn’t really need to redo my brows; they might have faded quite a bit but was still better than my pre-embroidery period (aka when I had literally no brows at all). I could always touch up with a little brow powder before heading out!

However the vainpot in me decided, it’s best to get ‘em brows done again before my upcoming cruise trip with the little one. I know I wouldn’t have much time to slap makeup on and I want to look my best at any time possible. So if you’re curious to know how a revisit eyebrow embroidery session is like, keep on reading!

LA VIDA The Art of Brow Specialists

Since 2014, LA VIDA has been perfecting the brows for their customers! Their eyebrow specialists go through rigorous trainings and workshops on a regular basis to keep them up to date with the latest trends and skills — all so as to give us (their customers) the perfect brow game.

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul. And so, that would literally make your brows the frame to those windows. Since most of us would insist on having the perfect frame to match the windows in our house, shouldn’t it be the same for our eyes too?

LA VIDA: Before brows
BEFORE photo: Embroidery from two years back is still present but faded and with patches

I was (sadly) not born with the perfect frame to match my eyes. When a camera flash goes off, I look like I have no brows at all in photos. But that is all in the past, because I discovered makeup and then semi-permanent makeup — eyebrow embroidery.

There are so many available options in the eyebrow menu... 2D, 3D, 6D, floating, non-floating and etc. Which to pick?

Well why not try the “Deluxe Creative Eyebrows” here at LA VIDA!

| About Deluxe Creative Brows

The Deluxe Creative Brows is one of LA VIDA's most popular semi-permanent makeup service. Using a micro-blade, small incisions are made along the brow line to mimic existing eyebrow hair.

Their highly experienced brow specialists will create individual brow strands, combining unique strokes, in accordance to the growth of the eyebrow – giving their clients a natural 3D tone using industry-leading natural pigments.

After completion, your eyebrow embroidery is able to last for 18-24 months.

| Embroidery Process

It begins with a complimentary consultation session where their brow specialist will recommend to you an eyebrow design that complements your facial feature, skin tone and hair colour. As I was satisfied with my existing eyebrow design (previously done at LA VIDA), I kept the same brow shape but switched to a lighter tone of brown to match my hair and skin tone.

LA VIDA: Shaping my brows
Brow Specialist shaping my brows – shaving away the excess brow hair!

LA VIDA: Painless Eyebrow Embroidery Procedure
Applying numbing cream

LA VIDA: Sealing in the numbing cream
Sealing in the numbing cream and waiting for it to take effect

LA VIDA: Numbing cream
The procedure is painless due to the numbing cream!

LA VIDA: Making small incisions with a micro-blade
Embroidery begins: Small incisions are made with a micro-blade to mimic existing brow hair

LA VIDA: Creating a three-dimensional tone to my brows
Creating individual brow strands according to the growth of my eyebrow so as to give the brows a natural 3D look!

In less than 15 minutes, my eyebrow embroidery procedure was over! I had a new set of brows that didn't require a touch-up of brow powder, I was ready to step out of the house at any time!

LA VIDA: Eyebrow Embroidery done!
AFTER photo: Embroidery was just completed! I look so natural, it doesn't look like I just had my brows done!

LA VIDA: Close up of brows
Close-up of my completed brows

| My two cents

LA VIDA: Lot One

There is a reason why I decided to go back to LA VIDA and have my brows done by them (read about my first visit here). I trust their skills, and most importantly the equipments and materials that they use. I mentioned it at the start of this post, they did my very first eyebrow embroidery and it was a good set of brows that lasted me for over 2 years!

Not to mention, they have always ensured that the procedure is painless and fuss-free. Be it two years ago, or now in 2018... eyebrow embroidering at LA VIDA is pain-free!

I forgot about those days when I had to spend half an hour in front of the mirror, filling in my brows just so that I had some sort of "frame" to my eyes. The days when I couldn't perfect my brow game with the brow powder... those days sucked! Thankfully those days are long gone, far away in the past, and till date they haven't returned.

Since my revisit to LA VIDA for this touch-up, doing my makeup is definitely so much easier! The fuller brows mean that I look more awake and refreshed all the time. I feel confident heading into town with just my skincare and in specs, no makeup done at all. I needn't worry about looking like a haggard mom.

I guess what most people are terrified of when it comes to eyebrow embroidery is how dark it looks after the procedure has just been completed. We don't like downtime. To put it frankly, we are afraid of looking like an "Angry Bird".

I will once again re-emphasise that it has been two years since my last visit. I'm saying it because I've noticed some changes and improvements to the technique used at LA VIDA.

Two years ago, right after my embroidery and right in the shop, I took routine photos to capture the after-look of having an eyebrow embroidery done. At that time back then, that level of darkness (of my embroidered eyebrow) is considered really good and not obvious already!

BUT NOW, it is so much better!!! You can't tell at all that I have just had my eyebrows embroidered – it looks like I swiped some brow powder and browcara across! My brows looked refined and so neat.

There was no downtime. I felt no need to hide at home or from any cameras. I went about with my daily work and attended two events in the same day after getting my brows done! No one made a peep about my brows because it looked so natural!

After seeing my brows and the convenience that it brought, even my mom got tempted to get her brows done too – I'm pretty sure I inherited my non-existent super fine brow hair from her! 🙊

Just for my readers, text or call this number (8797 6271) and quote [Sophie398] to enjoy LA VIDA's Deluxe Creative Brows at a promotional price of $398 with a complimentary touch up session (U.P. $1369.60).

*Applicable only for first-time customers, available at all 6 outlets

Store locations:
  • AMK Hub #B1-24, Tel: 6481 5484
  • Bedok Mall #01-27, Tel: 6384 3218
  • Grantral Mall @Clementi #01-09/10, Tel: 6774 7372
  • Compass One #04-23, Tel: 6386 2585
  • Lot One #02-02, Tel : 6769 3244
  • Northpoint City #B1-168 Tel : 6873 1168

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