Update: How My Brows Still Look On Fleek Even Without Having Make-Up On

I started filming beauty videos recently and have had people asking me, "How do you have such good looking brows ALL THE TIME?"

Here's the truth: I CHEATED 'BOUT THOSE BROWS.

The genes that I inherited from my parents (sadly) did not give me a pair of full-looking, perfectly groomed eyebrows. I was born with sparse growing, thin-haired brows that could not be seen from three metres away #sadbutsotrue. My eyebrows are embroidered and whoever that invented eyebrow embroidery is one helluva genius!

My perfect looking eyebrows are created by the awesome people from La Vida Specialist.

La Vida Brow Specialist: After 1 Month
How my brow look like post- 2 months after the first embroidery session

La Vida Brow Specialist: Applying Numbing Cream
Beginning with the usual procedure, numbing cream before embroidering

La Vida Brow Specialist: Touching Up
A good set of brows really do help to frame up and bring out your eyes!

La Vida provides nine different types of eye embroidery services, which includes the 1-dimensional tattooed type from the old granny era.

Out of these nine, only FOUR of the services are what people commonly opt for these days:

  • 3D Creative Eyebrow: Done stroke by stroke to give the illusion of "individual brow hair". It gives a natural three-dimensional look to the eyebrows.
  • 6D Korean Eyebrow: 6D produces strokes that are finer and closer. It gives a soft and natural effect, thus it is more likely to simulate the look of real brow hair.
  • 6D Floating Eyebrow: The feathering technique is used to create a set of natural-looking beautifully designed brows.
  • Regenerating Brows: This is for sensitive skin and/or sparse and fragile brow hair that requires more detailed care. A set of serums and plant extracts are used to help stimulate the growth of existing brow hair, as well as to soothe and provide anti-inflammatory properties to the skin.

Do enquire with the salon for pricing (call: 6384 3218) as they have ongoing promotions from time to time.

3 months post embroidery
Three months post-treatment without any brow makeup on

On my second visit to the beauty parlour, I IG storied the process. Some people commented on the story and asked me approximately how long would the embroidery last? Well, I didn't have an answer then but I do so now!

It has been about three months since my last visit and my brows are still looking pretty good. There are some bald spots here and there, and it could use a colour touch-up, but I still find it relatively alright. I can walk out of the house with zero make-up on and still have people thinking that my brows are naturally full-looking! (Why y'all so kind one, compliment me until so nice! I will shy one leh! 😚)

On days when I've got to have some makeup on, I would outline my embroidered brows to give it more definition and simply fill in the bald spots. Doing my brow makeup now takes what... 2 minutes? Before embroidering, I needed at least 10 minutes to have full-looking eyebrows! #savetime #lesshassle

Super fast brow makeup! Just fill it in!

If you are keen to book an appointment with La Vida, call 6465 4491. For more information on eyebrow embroidery, you can read my previous post here or their website.

Do check out their facebook page for the latest ongoing promotions.

La Vida Singapore
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza: 1 Jelebu Road #03-12, Singapore 677743
    Tel: (65) 6465 4491
  • AMK Hub: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #B1-24, Singapore 569933
    Tel : 6481 5768
  • Bedok mall: 311 New Upper Changi Road #04-23, Singapore 467360,
    Tel: 6384 3218
  • City Vibe @ Clementi central: 3151 Commonwealth Ave West #01-09/10, Singapore 129581
    Tel: 6774 7372
  • Compass One Seng Kang: 1 Seng Kang Square #04-23, Singapore 545078
    Tel:6386 2585

Note: This post was sponsored by La Vida Singapore.

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