The NSFD: Not Suitable For Fashion Disasters

Tired of wearing the same commercially-sold accessories that are available everywhere and to everyone? Try out the handmade jewelries from theNSFD, and take your stand away from the crowd. Read on to take a peek at some of their unique designs.

the NSFD queen of hearts
Queen of Hearts Swarovski Choker ($12.31)

Starting their business since early 2016, this boutique jeweller has produced several collections that are inspired by movies and ongoing festivities. Take for instance, one of their themed collection "Alice in Wonderland" has a beautiful key necklace that brings me back to the multiple scenes in the movie with Alice struggling to open the various doors throughout her conquest.

Thick Lace White Choker

As for all the chokers and bracelets that you see in this post, they were inspired by a romantic event that occurs every year – "Valentine's Day". You won't be able to find this in their online store, however it might available upon request so do drop them an email or DM on their Instagram to find out.

Stacked Monochrome Bracelets ($6.50 each) & Thin White Choker

Every piece created by theNSFD has limited quantities available and might not be restocked, thus making each piece a special edition. If any of their pieces ever do catch your eye, grab it fast before it gets sold out!

Keep yourself updated with their latest jewellery designs through their Instagram and you might stand a chance to be featured on their page when you tag them and hashtag #theNSFD on your picture.

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