Cha Thai: For Affordable And Delicious Thai Food Located Conveniently At Telok Ayer MRT

Cha Thai
80 Telok Ayer Street #01-01, Singapore 048466

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
Contact: (+65)6636 3696
Website: Cha Thai

Cha Thai is one of the many Thai restaurants located in Singapore, but the ONLY ONE that serves authentic Phad Thai from the original recipe creator. The owner of the restaurant shared with us that her family is the original creator of the dish "Phad Thai" and this internationally-famous dish made its debut from Hua Hin Market.

Her family still owns a Phad Thai stall in Hua Hin Market, so do go check it out if you are going to Bangkok anytime soon. However if you are lazy to travel all the way there for authentic Phad Thai, just drop by Cha Thai then for a plate of original recipe Phad Thai and more!

Cha Thai Prawn Cake
Crispy Prawn Cake ($15)
Deep fried thick juicy prawn meat served with sweet plum sauce

Cha Thai Grilled Fish Cake
Grilled Fish Cake ($15)
Whole fish meat seasoned with red curry paste and herbs

Cha Thai Papaya Salad
Papaya Salad ($16)
Shredded papaya mixed with carrots, long beans, tomato and side with salted egg

Cha Thai Kai Lan Roast Pork
Sauté Kai Lan with Roasted Pork ($16)
Stir fried baby kai lan with roasted pork, garlic and oyster sauce

Cha Thai Tom Yum Soup
Thick Base Tom Yum Soup ($28)
Thick soup base created with variety of herbs with tiger prawns, mussels, fish balls and mushrooms. Soup refill available!

Cha Thai Phad Thai
Phad Thai ($22)
Stir fried noodle with original prawn phad thai sauce served with side with green mango

Cha Thai Charcoal Toast
CHA THAI Charcoal Toast ($8)
Charcoal toasted cubes with choice of pandan or thai milk tea flavoured kaya

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

I know I said that I am no longer doing food blogging, but hey good food deserves to be shared! Cha Thai served one of the best Phad Thai and Tom Yum soup that I have ever had in Singapore, and the taste is comparable to the kind that you find in Thailand.

Let's start off first by talking about the appetisers that I liked. The Crispy Prawn Cake is a must-try, I loved the crunch and the sweet plum sauce was a great way to elevate the flavours of the simple prawn cake! The Grilled Fish Cake tasted more like a giant piece of otak, and Papaya Salad was refreshing with a tinge of savoury fragrance from the added dried shrimps.

As for side dishes, both the Saut̩ Kai Lan with Roasted Pork and Thick Base Tom Yum Soup are definite must order! No extra description for the veg dish is needed, it is everything that you can imagine, stir-fried veg paired with crispy roasted pork. The thick-base tom yum soup was addictively SPICY and sour and the soup was so good that it is bound to get a nod of agreement from any tom yum soup lover Рthe kick of spice is no joke at all, do not take this heed of warning lightly!

We only got to try one main, which was the Phad Thai and that was enough! The owner explained the origin of Phad Thai to us and also took the effort to tell us more about the dish. Phad Thai is not suppose to have a 'wok hei' like our local fav char kway teow. The original rendition was created to be slightly sour from the addition of lime juice, lightly sweet and savoury, and it ends off with a umami kick!

As for dessert, we had their signature CHA THAI Charcoal Toast and boy, it was good!!! The toast was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the addition of charcoal gave it just a wee bit tinge of smoky flavour. I had a tough time deciding which of the flavoured kaya that I like better, hence I will recommend both.

On the note of servings, I would recommend 2-3 pax to order a Phad Thai, Thick Base Tom Yum Soup and a Cha Thai Charcoal toast. If you are exceptionally hungry, get a bowl of rice to be shared amongst your friends. The portion for each dish should be enough to fill all your tummies!

For more information on Cha Thai, you can check out their Facebook page or Instagram.

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