Reviving My Severely-Damaged Hair With Olaplex Treatment At Kenjo Salon

Combing my hair is a frustrating task. It has always been a nightmare that comprised of more yanks than a smooth brush-thru. I hate admitting to this anyone but years of colouring, bleaching and perming my hair has turned my once-lustrous and healthy hair into a pit of tangled hay-like mess that I termed as "my hair".

I walked into my sponsor hair saloon Kenjo Salon, eager to get a dye job for my colour-mismatched hair roots but at the same time I feared that my hair would become much more brittle and dry.

For those who are wondering, yes I switched a hair saloon due to some terrible miscommunication with the previous hair studio – it is a bad experience that I would much prefer not to recall.

Joseph, boss of the salon and my stylist, eased my worries as he introduced me to two of their latest hair treatment products: Olapex Treatment and Mucota Treatment.

And I, got to try both (fuck yeah!)

Joseph showcasing his impressive hair-cutting skills! *snip snip snip*



Olaplex has been around the hair industry for a couple of years now, and it has received all the raves in the States for the miracle results that it has produced! Olapex is bond multiplier produced by two chemical engineers who weren't familiar with the hair industry at all.

This product is unlike any other in the market as it actually links broken disulfide bonds in your hair, thus allowing your hair to restore its strength, structure and integrity like before. It is not a conditioner as it does not coat the hair in silicone nor in protein.

And Kenjo Salon is one of the few hair studios in Singapore that has brought the product to our local market and has it made readily available for our use!

Mixing Olaplex into my hair dye

To use Olaplex, it is mixed directly into your hair dye during preparation. This would result in healthier, stronger and shiner hair after the dye job, and would also allow the colour to be retained for a longer period of time.

The repaired disulfide bonds helps your hair to be less porous, thus the addition of it to your hair dye is like hitting two birds with one stone – you get to repair your hair while getting a new dye job that would last longer!


WhatsApp Image 2016-11-07 at 10.28.01
The MUCOTA Scena+ In-Salon Treatment that Kenjo Salon carries

Our hair is mostly made up of many layers of proteins, lipids (fats/oil), amino acids and polysaccharides. These layers are bound together by the cell membrane complex (CMC, for short) which helps our hair to retain important components such as proteins, oils and moisture.

However through the years, the CMC and other essential compounds would break down and diminish due to aging, and the effect is also multiplied when our hair is put through heat treatment, UV radiation or chemical treatment.

Thus Mucota has developed a range of products which utilises the advances in material sciences and biotechnology to help restore and protect our hair. It replaces important natural elements that make up the intercellular components of our hair.

Rebalancing the PH level of my hair with Mucota products

Mucota products comprises of 5 steps that would help bring our hair back to a healthier state:
  1. Rebalance PH and Detox Hair
  2. Repair and Replenish Moisture in Scalp
  3. Deep Hydration and Restore Natural Hair Elements
  4. Repair Damaged Hair and Improve Texture
  5. Protects Cuticle and Prolong Treatment Effects

Essentially, these five steps would help to prepare and restore, moisturise and condition, intensively repair, and protect and seal all the goodness into our hair!

During each step, the key product would hold a significant chemical element that is crucial in repairing our hair; such as hyaluronic acid which is great for supplementing moisture, ceramide-like substances to create a barrier and prevent moisture and CMC from flowing out of our hair.

For more specific details on Mucota products, you can check it from Kenjo Salon's website here.

Mucota helps to repair my scalp and restore moisture into my hair!

See that smooth comb-thru? It hasn't happened in a long time!

So here is how I look like after all the snipping, dyeing and hair treatments:

The end-result

Picture with Joseph, thanks for the awesome hair-do!

Glance at the interior of the salon

Exterior of the salon

Well, I can't just do all talk and show no results. So here is a progress report of my hair job through the past 3 weeks:

A week post-dye/treatment

KENJO SALON post 2 weeks
Two weeks post-dye/treatment

Three weeks post-dye/treatment

It is officially three and a half weeks since. Combing my hair is not a disaster like before, where I had to physically thug my comb outta my hair.

The effects have lessened a little, which is expected due to the factor of time and that I've only received the treatment once. But hey I'm still getting a pretty decent comb through without relying on a multitude of hair smoothing serums/lotions and thus this makes it a hell lot better than before!

As for my hair colour, they weren't kidding when they said that Olaplex helps it to last longer. Joseph helped me to pick the latest trendy colour in the Korean hair industry, Ash Brown, and jazzed it up a little with some Red and Copper Highlights.

The obvious colour for the first two weeks was the Ash Brown base, but gradually the Red and Copper Highlights started peeking out! I can't wait to see how my hair colour would continue to transition – my hair is looking better and better each time I stare into the mirror!

You can check out the available services at Kenjo Salon here and because you are my reader, quote 'sophleow' for 15% off all services at Kenjo Salon (*not applicable for 20% student discount).

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