Got Myself Some Bangs At Kenjo Salon and Makeover Session for Singapore Fashion Awards

I am changing the way that I write my posts as I realised that with a switch of my niche (ie. food to beauty), it becomes harder to write in a third-party informative manner.

Of course, I will still retain writing in the informative fashion when I am doing beauty reviews, but I thought it might also be cool to get a little closer and personal with you guys, as well as to keep you updated on the various events that I have been running for.

These days I go for beauty or fashion events – you can always find the latest updates of my events on my Instagram – and I am so thankful that I have Kenjo Salon to keep my hair neat, slick and ever beautiful!

Combing my hair is NO longer a nightmare. I have no idea how they do it – I'm lying, I actually do know and am 95% sure that it is due to the treatment sessions that Joseph has been putting me through, and 5% good genes perhaps? (Give me some credit!)

On my second session at Kenjo Salon, Joseph put me on Davines Treatment and combing my hair has been a breeze since.

Kenjo Salon Davines Treatment
Davines Nourishing Treatment Series

Davines is widely known for using all natural raw ingredients from plants to produce their products, there is absolutely not a strand of chemical in any of their treatments. All of their formulas are free from parabens while shampoos are also free from sulphates (SLES and SLS).

The Nourishing Series that I had undergone promises nourishing, revitalising and fortifying results that are great for the scalp and dry, brittle and damaged hair. I am no longer sporting any runaway fray ends on my head, and my hair looks purrr-fect!

I shared with Joseph that I was to attend Singapore Fashion Awards on one of the past Friday nights and would like to drop by the salon to get a wash + blow-dry. He added on a makeup session with their in-house makeup artist and on the Singapore Fashion Awards night, my makeup was totally on-point!

Singapore Fashion Awards 2016
At Singapore Fashion Awards 2016, held at National Gallery

Kenjo Salon Makeup
My smokey eye makeup that night!

Amaryllis, their makeup artist, gave me a smokey eye look to match my dark outfit. Their makeup service is available at any time but it would be best to make an appointment beforehand. There is an ongoing hair + makeup promotion right now at $150 and a student special at $130.

This is great for working adults attending their company's D&D or students going for prom/graduation night! Go check out now at (+65) 6238 8083.

Christmas is coming up soon and Kenjo Salon has also prepared some gift sets that you can gift to your family and friends!

Mucota Aire+ Christmas Set

Kenjo Christmas Sets

Know of anyone who has troubled hair? Get them either of these package which comes with hair strengthening Mucota AIRE+ treatments! For more information on Mucota AIRE+ click here.

Note: This post was sponsored by Kenjo Salon.

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