Oktoberfest @ Paulaner

For the foodsters: Oktoberfest @ Paulaner!

Bata - Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Blvd
Singapore 039596
Contact no.: 6883 2572

Before this I have never been to Oktoberfest before. I've heard of it and the only thing I knew about was... it is a beer festival? Lol. I'm so gonna get murdered for having said that line!

Anyway here is some intellectual shit (because I made the effort to google lol!), Oktoberfest is a 16 days festival held from late September to early October. It originated in Munich (capital and largest city of the German state, Bavaria, which is located in the southeast of Germany) and is pretty much a German culture thing! You get together, you drink beer, you have good (subjective to the chef cooking?) German food and that's pretty much it!

It doesn't sound very exciting because I know nuts about it but hey, if I ever go to Germany and experience the actual Oktoberfest at Munich which has a huge-ass carnival that has games and rides and stuff, you guys will be the first to know! I will most probably have a whole lot of crazy stories to write.

As you can most probably tell, the main point of the Oktoberfest is their beer, which in German is termed as "bier". Oktoberfestbiers are brewed in March and have been left to slowly ferment through the summer months. Oktoberfestbier is also known as Munich Beer and are generally supplied by six breweries: Spaten, Löwenbräu, Augustiner-Bräu, Hofbräu-München, Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr.

And back to the story: I was brought to Paulaner to have awesome beer so as to be convinced that beer isn't bitter and can be pretty awesome too! And yes, I got convinced.

To sum up short on my experience of Oktoberfestbier, when you take a small mouthful of it, it isn't as strong as the usual beer that my dad drinks, such as Heineken and etc. There is the usual beer fragrance but this time round, it didn't have the bitterness that bottled beer has. There is a tinge of sweetness that is not the kind of candy sweetness... it is more like purified water sweetness? Then out of nowhere, comes a strange barley fragrance that I really like (I don't think they used barley but it kinda tasted like that lol).

If you were to take a big gulp, you won't be able to taste all of the above tastes, but it is still damn shiok because of the refreshing feeling that you get after swallowing that big mouthful of bier. The refreshing feeling kinda(?) resembles how you gulped down cold water after a long and exhausting run, with a slight taste minty taste after that. It's pretty cool!

Crispy skin pork knuckle with German bread dumpling

This. Is. Freaking. GOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!!

Apparently this isn't best pork knuckle but hey, it is already enough to win over the heart of this little girl here! (Okay fine, I'm not exactly little lol!)

The cripsy skin wasn't that oily and it just kept making me go back for more portions of it. There are some slight layers of fat beneath the crispy skin, which can be easily removed by cutting.

The meat was well-marinated and well-cooked. It was tender and the moisture within the meat was still retained in it. For once, I didn't hate eating pork! It was so damn good! I always had this impression that pork meat is either tough and dry, or incredibly oily. But hey, this pork knuckle aren't any of that and is freaking awesome! *thumbs up!!*

As for the bread dumpling, it was something new. I remember having had something similar to this, somewhere before. I can't recall now. Anyhow, the spices added made the bread dumpling fragrant and tasty. It is rather soft in texture, not like the usual bread that you have. It sorta resembles bread pudding, but a lot less wet and sticky and icky.

The bread dumpling goes really well with Sauerkraut, which is a German vegetable dish made up of finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various types of lactic acid bacteria, hence it has a distinctive sour flavour (like no joke sour!). Fortunately the bread dumpling can curb the sour flavour of the Sauerkraut, and the two when taken together is a perfect combination like no other!

So yes!! This is Paulaner for you.

I can proudly say that now I know like 1-2% more about beer! Such as... draft is the best, then comes the bottle and lastly the can. And hmmm.. I think that is pretty much all that I learnt LOL!! #fail

Ok it is 5am right now and my brain is barely functioning.

Have a good weekend! Bye!


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