Going Personal

To be incredibly honest with myself and with everyone, the only reason why I am before my laptop typing out this entry now, is because I have received numerous nags to update my blog!!! Which I know and I agree that yes, this space and the world needs more of my opinions. LOL

I am having difficulty coming up with the right title for this post because I can't seem to think of a subject title that can adequately represent all that I am about to pour into this post plus have the title to be a fairly interesting one! I will most likely come up with one at the end of my writing, and there is a high possibility that it is a very duh! title. I shall wait to see how my brain decides to amuse me on this matter.

Because I am not in the right mindset to write a review for all the eateries that I have visited over the past few weeks, and I am also too tired to churn out quality work for my advertorials, I shall briefly write an update about my life! Will section the post so that it will be less confusing and more digestable!


I'm back in school again. It is the final semester.

Graduation Day feels more real than it has ever been.

It feels weird being back in school, simply because Homie isn't there with me in school.

I miss her. I realised how much I depended on her (be it to help get my breakfast in the morning, fuel my need for snacks during boring lectures and tutorial sessions or to simply curse along with me when I rant about all the bitches who annoy us) and how I used to take her presence for granted. I wish she was back in school again, by my side. (I really miss you Addy!!! Don't you dare shed a single tear! We talked about this before!!)

I am really living out the final school semester. I even swam in the school pool the other day!

Of the two and a half years of my diploma course at NYP, this is the first freaking time that I took a dip in the school pool. When Homie was still around, she kept nagging me to go swimming with her. I always could find a million and one (which was "I'M LAZY" HAHA!) to turn down her offer. After having swam in the pool once, I totally understand why she kept going to swim in between classes. Being alone in the whole freaking pool... is so bloody awesome!! #serenity

This is my last 9 weeks with these girls.

Three months ago, I thought the notion of parting with these girls was a scary one. With the impending graduation, it feels even scarier than it was. I should really invest in a good waterproof brown eyeliner for Grad Day. Hmmmmmm. Any recommendations? :D


I'm undergoing a chocolate macaroons phase.

I have yet to try Ladurée's because each of their macaroons costs $5 per piece and the minimum order is 6 pieces each time! It is daylight robbery for a student who is still dependable on her parents' for her allowance. Ladurée can wait a couple months more for when I begin work and take home a decent pay.

Someone suggested to me that since I am so crazy about chocolate macaroons now, I should write a review about it and I totally agree on that! Hence when I have gathered enough reviews from all the chocolate macaroons that I can possibly try in Singapore, I will consolidate my findings in a proper post! Everyone needs to know where to get good chocolate macaroons (when they need a boost of endorphins!) and where they can avoid getting chocolate macaroons that don't quite fit their tastebuds...


I recently went for Halloween Horror Nights 4 (HHN4) held by USS.

Jello shots!!!!!!

This is the second time that I have attended their Halloween event - my first time there was their first ever HHN. Comparing between my two experiences, the first one was so much better! I'm guessing that they went all out for the first HHN in terms of the decor and planning, which I found to be really impressive!

After having held so many HHN, they probably realised what they could scrimp on (which they did) and it's quite sad to see that less effort was placed into the decor and scare zones. I'm not saying that the decor was terrible because it isn't! It is still pretty good but it was so much better before!

I could see that they turn their focus on the haunted houses and it is sooooo much scarier now!!! I hate Jack's 3-Dementia (ie. the 3D clown one).. I had difficulty differentiating between what was real and what was not, what was stationary and what was moving. It was an experience that was too mind-blowing and nerve-wrecking for this bimbo here! I walked through most of it with my eyes shut really (note: emphasis on the word 'really') tightly!!

Also, this is random but I am never watching Annabelle unless I am at home and I have no plans for the next day because I know that I am going to get really freaked out by it and will most likely get nightmares when I go to bed. It will be an amazement if I do not mute the sound while watching Annabelle, or if I do not end up watching it in fast-forward mode (it was how I survived watching Insidious and Insidious 2).


Le Puffball is as cute as ever!!!!! She makes a lot of sounds now and she knows how to whine... which is cute but also bad because she whines a lot and wouldn't stop whining when she wants attention/hugs/to be carried. After having read this line, you would most probably go "Awwww.. But that's so adorable!"

Yes it is adorable, but it only is when you are fully dressed and not only in your lingerie, rushing around your bedroom, trying to prepare to go out... and there is a baby in her pram in your room, whining in a super high pitchy voice and being really loud with her whining, insisting that you carry her NOW!

I love her. I do still love her. A lot, in fact. But this only goes to prove that I am totally not ready yet to have a baby of my own! Am still a narcissist to a certain extent!! LOL

Did I ever mention that changing her diapers is akin to going into a battlefield? If I haven't, now you know. *moans*


I went for a picnic at Botanics Garden last Sunday!

I was a total Derpina because I prepared all the food for the picnic! #mecanmakeasandwich #fuckyeah #lol

Tomato-flavoured popcorn chicken, Beddar with Cheddar Smoked Sausage Links (from Johnsonville), cheesy garlic baked button mushrooms, fucking cheesy omelette ('fucking' because I dumped the remaining 3/4 pack of mozzarella cheese into it) and sardine sandwich.

Oh, and I baked oatmeal cookies with raisins and cranberries. #icanbake #achievementunlocked

Took a quick walk around the National Orchid Garden and snapped a few pretty flower pics!

Some momentos. Contemplating starting a souvenir coins collection!

So yes, a super brief update on my life!

Now what I need is sleep, and then also more time so that I can properly work on my advertorial posts. (Stay tuned for them ok!!!)


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