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About two weeks ago, Blogshop Queenie sent me 3 items for review and they are:
  1. Handmade Organic Soap (Pearl)
  2. SHILLS Wow! Fluffy Fix Maximising Hair Volume Spray
  3. NAIL STAR Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush

Needless to say, my favourite pick for this round of product review is the Handmade Organic Soap (Pearl)! It is my life saviour and frankly, I have never come across any facial soap that is more amazing than this one! **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**

Two weeks ago, this was the state of my facial skin:
When I took this photo, my exams had just ended. I slept at 4am for the past 3 weeks as I was busy mugging for my papers! I hardly have acne problems nowadays but even if I do, it would mostly be tiny pimples about 1mm in diameter and on very rare occasions, pus-filled pimples.

This is a common issue in Singapore due to our crazily humid weather and insanely stressful lifestyle (Hello to all the students reading this!)!!

And the worst thing of all? PUBERTY!!!!

To the girls who just nodded your head when you saw that P word, let me tell you this:

Yes, I have little acne problems now (I have them because I sleep at crazy late timings which are really really bad! DO NOT BE LIKE ME!) but it hasn't always been like this for me.

There was a time in my teenage years when I was plagued by acne issues as well! During that time, I dared not lift up my fringe as my forehead was covered with ugly pimples and the worst point of my acne problems was when a pimple chose to grow at the tip of my nose! YES, TIP OF MY NOSE.

The tip of my nose would swell and be inflammed due to the pimple and so... I looked like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!

You look like me???

Anyway my point is, hang in there girls! That horrifying + irritating period WILL pass! Oh and, you girls are actually more lucky than I am! Ya know why??

Because back then, I had to wait out for my annoying acne period to end whereas NOW, you girls have a solution to your acne problems!


Handmade Organic Soap (Pearl)

I have to say this again, this is THE MOST AMAZING SOAP that I have ever seen & used in my life!!!!

There is a tiny leaflet that was packed along with the soap into the plastic wrapper..

For those buyers who have purchased a Handmade Organic Soap before, I bet most of you simply flipped the small piece of paper into the dustbin without taking a second look at it, eh? After all, this whole thing is in Korean!!! HOW TO UNDERSTAND?!!!

Well.. I am out to impress all of you today so here is a translation of what is written on that tiny piece of paper!

Alright, so I cheated and used google translator.. :P

This is a handmade soap, therefore if you do not intend to finish using it within a year, you have to refrigerate it! (Weird I know, but just do it if you don't wanna waste your money!!)

Now, let me SHOW YOU how amazing this soap is!

We all have pulsating zits at some point of our lives, and.. THIS IS MINE!

Here is the result after just one wash:

The effect after just one wash was amazing!

After a single wash, my pulsating pimple got reduced by 80% and the gooey painful disgusting pus, became just a small speck of white "thing"! I pressed on it lightly, it popped out from under the surface of my skin which I then flicked away easily!

Usually a zit like that would take me 4-6 days to heal, but after using the Pearl soap, my pimples healed in about 2-3 days! That's half of the my usual recovery span!!

Other than treating acne issues, the Handmade Organic Soap (Pearl) is also great for tightening pores, skin whitening and for removal of blackheads! After using the Pearl soap, I witnessed my pores becoming significantly smaller and my blackheads have decreased as well!


Another product which Queenie sent me for review was SHILLS Wow! Fluffy Fix Maximising Hair Volume Spray.

Are you one of those people...
.. who has fine and limp hair? Often getting frustrated and annoyed by hair thinning problems? Or you urgently need a good volumising hair spray for volume up hairstyles?

Introducing to you, SHILLS Wow! Fluffy Fix Maximising Hair Volume Spray!
A volumizing spray for fine and limp hair.
It can also be used for volume up hairstyles and it will last you all day long!

Use it to create a THICK and FULL LOOK!

It has a natural texture and a long-lasting hold. It can help you to achieve 3X your normal hair volume! It can also help to thicken thinning hair IMMEDIATELY!

Hold the nozzle 10 cm away from the hair and... SPRAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

And be greeted next by a WOW! hairstyle!!! THICK AND FULL!

Suitable for layered, curly or straight hair with short or medium-short hair length! (:

The last item(s) that Queenie sent me were these...
NAIL STAR Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush

If it isn't obvious enough from my Instagram or the quick short profile of me at the right side-bar of this blog....
I am a nail freak

I own a rather satisfactory collection of nail polishes (at the moment) and I will squeal in excitement at the discovery of any new methods of nail art!

Queenie surprised me with these 3 darlings in my parcel and needless to say, I was over the moon!

These bottles of nail polish are really unique as they not only have a striper brush but they also have a detailing pen which is great for nail-art designing!

This is how it looks like. Brush dipped in the bottle, detailing pen at the top.

An actual photo of how it looks like.
(This picture was taken off Google, photo credits to whomever it may belong to!)

And so, using the purple striper, I did a nail art design of the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, inspired by cutepolish.
I modified my design a little because I did not have purple flocking powder.

With the purple striper, this nail art design was so easy to be done! No squigly, wriggly, uneven lines! No alternating fat and thin stripes! YAY to pretty nails!


Think any (or perhaps, ALL!) of these products are amazing and you want to get your hands on them?

Here is how you can get them:
To order, kindly email with this order format:


All messages will be replied within 48 hours.

*Please note all items are pre-order unless otherwise stated*
**Only CONFIRMED BUYERS are attended to!**

Alternatively, you can view the order form here or if you are keen to know what other products there are, you can view it at Blogshop Queenie's webstore (Click 'here' to view webstore)!

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