Collin's Grille.Bento

Today I have a food entry for the foodies: food from Collin's Grille.Bento (Click here to look at their menu)

Collin's Grille.Bento serves both Western & Japanese cuisine and has 12 outlets throughout the whole of Singapore!
  • 323 BUKIT BATOK ST 33
    #01-114 S650323.
  • 443 CLEMENTI AVE 3
    #01-55 S120443.
  • 308 CLEMENTI AVE 4
    #01-335 S120308.
  • 159A HOUGANG ST11
    #01-02 S531159.
  • 21 HOUGANG ST 51 #01-42
    #01-10 S161026.
    #02-03 S417940.
  • 476 TAMPINES ST 44
    #01-207/209 S520476.
  • 476 TAMPINES ST 44
    #01-203 S520476.
  • 3014B UBI RD 1
  • 306 WOODLANDS ST 31
    #01-19 S730306.
Do you by any chance stay nearby to one of these outlets? (:

For the Western cuisines, they offer the usual Western set meals such as chix chop, grilled steaks, grilled lamb chops, grilled fish and etc, and they also offer pastas and baked rice! For the Japanese cuisines, Collin's offers bento set meals in Salmon, Saba, chicken teriyaki (and many other options), and in the menu, you can also find ramen and yaki meshi (fried rice)!

Now that's a lot of options for a small food joint!

I know what just crossed your mind... "With so many options available, most of the food would most definitely taste horrible.."

Well the good news is, I have eaten there quite a couple of times and have tried a variety of choices in their menu, and so far I have been satisfied with my food ALL THE TIME! (Or maybe I am just good at picking all the nice stuff to eat?)

A panorama view of the eatery

The outlet that I went to is the one at Woodlands, and yes it is situated in a coffee shop, where a part of the coffee shop is sectioned off just for the patrons of Collin's Grille.Bento!

Collin's Grille.Bento is one of the few eateries that I have been to that offers great food at an unbelievably affordable price! Yay to cheap food!

Haha yes, I went for lunch with a minion! (beedoh beedoh beedoh!)

Needless to say, appetisers are a definite must-have for me whenever possible, and I went for my usual choice of appetiser:
Mushroom soup, $2.00

How boring can I possibly get? Always ordering the same stuff! Will order something else next time! #PROMISE

I have to say that this mushroom soup is rather ordinary. I would advocate for it to be (one of?) your appetiser, however when my soup arrived and after I took pictures of it (probably around 2-3 mins?), the soup went cold already. I couldn't tell if the soup came cold or that it went cold because of the time that I took to snap shots of it, hence I dare not ask my server to bring it back into the kitchen to heat it up for me. So I had cold mushroom soup that day and although it was not horrible, it definitely took a couple of points off my rating chart. I would rate this mushroom soup 7.3/10.

Most of the time the soup that I have would at least still be warm after its "photoshoot" #justsaying

Mushroom & Prawn Aglio Olio, $5.50

Aglio olio is a perfect choice for those days when you are craving for pasta and yet your taste buds aren't quite willing to accommodate savoury tastes!

This Aglio Olio had the fragrance required for this dish which is made from the cooking oil, garlic, herbs and a tinge of chilli. When eating this pasta, one will have the desire to take another bite after another and another. It is that addictive! As for the prawns, as seen from the picture, they were big, juiciy and succulent, and because they were stir fried together with the herbs and spices, it made the prawns even tastier!

I would give this pasta a 7/10 because when I finished 80% of the pasta, I was disgusted by the pool of oil lying at the bottom of my plate, which the other 20% of my pasta was soaked in. Yuck.

Oh well, the pasta tasted really really good though!

Grilled Salmon fillet with Mango sauce, $6.90 **MUST-TRY**

I have to admit that this is the cheapest grilled salmon fillet that I have ever seen anywhere selling. Not to mention, the generous portion of salmon fillet and sides provided (aglio olio, salad with some dressing and approx. 1/3 cob of corn), this is a guaranteed meal that will have you feeling full at the end of it!

Tangy mango sauce with perfectly grilled salmon fillet? I give this dish 9.5/10!

It not only tasted good but it was a total value for money! THUMBS UP!

BBQ chipolata, $3.00

I would give these chipolatas 7/10? They are not as juicy as the ones I had at Marché but overall still pretty good.

These chipolatas were grilled rather well, albeit it could have been a little juicier. As for the the brown sauce that was drizzled over the chipolatas, it gave the sausages a more savoury flavour.

Green Tea ice-cream with Japanese Red Bean, $2.50

Last but not least, dessert. If you are looking for something cold and something sweet (but not too sweet!), this would be a perfect choice. The Green Tea ice-cream is great during those days when the weather is so freaking hot that you can literally fry an egg under the sun!

I found it rather interesting that when the Green Tea ice-cream was eaten with the Japanese Red Bean topping, the combination created a whole new sweet taste that was totally unlike eating just the Green Tea ice-cream alone! I give this dessert a 8.5/10!


And that's a wrap for this food entry! Beauty products review coming up next!


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    1. Hello there! Glad to know of another foodie in the blogger community!
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  2. The food looks really good, especially for its price! :D

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    1. Hi dear! Thanks!! The food tastes as good as it looks in the pictures!
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    2. Hi dear! Thanks!! The food tastes as good as it looks in the pictures!
      Thank you too for the nomination! (:

  3. Odd because Japanese red bean Azuki Beans with green tea ice cream is very common in Japanese dessert shops. And this seems like the first time you are eating it.