Challenge (Day 10)

#10: Your Family

My initial intention was to put up pictures of both sides of my family. However after scanning through all the pictures I have, of either sides of the family.. I realised that not one of them is complete. I have a huge family. From my maternal side, I have 22 cousins, 3 nephews and 1 niece. From my paternal side, I have 12 cousins. I used to think that I'm really fortunate to have so many relatives; I'm so close to some of them that they don't feel like my cousins, but rather another sibling of mine. Not to mention all the hefty red packets that I'd receive during every annual Chinese New Year, I guess that was another reason why I love my big family.

Unfortunately, I guess everything comes with a price. Having so many members in a family, sometimes in all the 19 years of your life, some cousins you don't even get to see them thrice. If that was the only problem, then hey I doubt I'd be so bothered about it. It's all the fucking family politics which drives me crazy. Why can't we be one big happy family? I'd type a hundred why(s) or possibly a thousand. But I know that there would be no answer to all those questions, just like that very one question which is constantly on my mind, haunting me. The only thing which is left for me to do, or if I'd put it in blunt words -- the only thing that can be done, is to simply accept it, just like how a person accepts his/her parentage, his/her blood group and etc. Some things in life can be changed, however some things in life can never and will never be able to be changed.

How I wish to be able to have a grand reunion dinner with everyone in the family. The irony is.. I know that it is an impossible task. Nonetheless, everything in life starts from a simple dream.

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