I need a break

The past 2 weeks have been absolutely insane for me. I had been working 7 days a week, for the past 2 weeks. I wouldn't deny that initially I thought of myself as some sort of bionic woman who wouldn't tire and didn't require rest, since my work seemed well.. pretty easy? But oh boy, after 14 days of working endlessly, I'm finally gonna raise the white flag and scream out loud, "I NEED MY REST TOO!" I know, I totally deserve being so tired since I was the one who decided to go through all that madness and make myself so tired.

Being tired and being lazy is 2 whole different cases k. Being lazy is having the ability to do something but you don't do it because you don't feel like doing it
now. Being tired is when you really want to do something but you are so exhausted that you flop onto your bed without showering, without changing out of the clothes you went out in, and without removing your make-up. That is called TIRED.

I slept at around 9pm, woke up at 1.30am, fiddled my phone whilst tossing and turning in bed till about 3am when I finally concluded that I am not going to fall asleep again in the next hour so I decided to drag my tired ass out of bed and into my bathroom, took a therapeutic shower (and waking up my neighbours who live below me as the water gushes down the pipes nosily), heard the glorious sound of rain from afar, admired the beauty of a gorgeous orange-painted sky, closed my window reluctantly as I shut out the cooling breeze which came with the rain (my father will scream at me if I got my grand oak table wet) and then came the sudden inspiration to compose this blog entry which you are reading right now.

Nope, I'm not on my laptop. I'm lazing on my bed, tapping away on my iPhone. I wouldn't deny thar an iPhone is pretty handy indeed since the capability of surfing the internet wherever I go makes it a handy tool during work when I need to google/wiki for some information or when I need a map! Maps are very important to me as I am always getting myself lost! Did I mention that there was once when I got myself lost 3 freaking times in 1 bloody day?! K I just did. I was so frustrated with myself that day. It sucks getting/being lost, no matter how fun it is to be lost and that awesome boost of pridOrinoco myself when I manage to find my way agaib. I shall officially announce right here that I am hopless with locations. Even with google map and iris and all the other navigation apps, I still somehow got myself lost. Epic fail -.-

Today I'll be taking my BTT (basic theory [driving] test) and I am not even at the 3/4 mark of the handbook yet. *thumbs-up* 10 hours and 18 minuteS left to mug. My parents and my sister wouldn't stop scaring me as to how tough the paper will be and how I musn't disgrace our family honour of passing with only one try. What the heck right?! Some family honour... *rolls eyes* But still, THE STRESS! :O

Please let me pass with just one try. Please let me be able to study finish. I promise that I will not be cocky anymore and say stuff like "Aiya! Nevermind lah! Still got one month till the test, I'll study when the day nears!" When I said that, I meant studying a week before the test, not 2 days before it! I am so so so sorry! Please do not fail me. Please do not fail me. Please do not fail me. Please do not fail me. Please do not fail me. I have a family honour to uphold! (I had this sudden 'Hua Mulan' feeling when I said that last sentence. LOL)

5am in the morning now. 10 more hours. Have a test to study for. -GULPS-
Wish me luck!


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