Challenge (Day 12, 13, 14)

#12: A famous person that you've been compared to


Ok fine, there's one. When I was younger, about 12-13 years old? My teachers would always call me up from my seat and tell me that I look like this particular girl actress who acted in several MediaCorp chinese drama serials. I think the name for one of the shows was... Happy Fish (快乐鱼)? Or somewhere along that line. It's been eons since then, and I had never bothered to go find out the name of that girl actress. Besides I don't look a thing like her now, and thank god for that. I've seen her in one of the advertisements shown on TV, and boy... her make-up is uber thick and horrendous. I know, I'm horrid. I just watched chick flick. So blame the movie, don't blame me.

Alright, blame me. I'm horrid. But I'm still nice. And I'm not making any sense at all. *rolls eyes* NEXT CHALLENGE.

#13: Something that puts a smile on your face no matter what

Thinking back about one of my worst punishments ever.. Which was hearing you sing Guang Liang's Tong Hua (光良-童话). You went totally off-keys for practically every verse, and you sang quite a number of words wrongly, even though you had the lyrics right infront of you. I wasn't allowed to laugh, so I bit my pillow in an attempt to stop the laughter from coming out of me, however it failed terribly.

I have to be honest, you are one of the most terrible singers that I've ever heard. However, oddly enough, your singing puts me to sleep. It didn't matter to me how badly you went off-key, because I think and I feel that you have the most melodious voice that I have ever heard. It's not a wonder, why I become all dreamy when I hear you speak. And I'll never forget how you pounced on me, and crushed me under your weight, when you found out that your voice is what causes me to always go into a daze whenever we were in a conversation.

God, I miss you. I miss you so much.

#14: What are you afraid of?


My dad laughed when I told him that. He says that they are all one-of-a-kind. Nothing scary about after you've watched several zombie movies. Well, in my opinion, I don't care whether they are one-of-a-kind or not, they are still equally terrifying no matter what. They are dead! They eat humans! Raw!!!!

I don't know what scares me most, the fact that they are dead people who eats other living people, or that zombies are a bad mutation of human-beings.. And so if you get bitten by one, it's like you are being transmitted with a viral disease that will turn you into one of those nasty horrible dead-cannibals. Oh and, what's worst is that, what if you are the only surviving living human, while everyone else around you has turned into a zombie?! Pretty much like the scenario in "I Am Legend". I would hate to live in that apocalypse.

My imagination is going wild.

I'm gonna go watch a zombie movie now, in hope that one day, I'll find myself thinking like my dad that all zombies are one-of-a-kind.

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