Take A Bow.

I finally let out that bit of anger which I've been bottling in myself since I knew about it. I tried to look at all the 'good' things that you've done, but I just couldn't do it. The more I analyzed the situation, the more I reckon that you should have just stayed out of our affairs. You should NEVER have even entered the scene. The moment you did, you ruined my relationship, you ruined my life.

You think that all that you've done was something good, you were trying to help us, but in actual fact, you were ruining us. If you hadn't interfered, you kept your distance, you exerted some self-control and didn't lend him your fucking shoulder to lean on while I was away in Perth then maybe my relationship would still be ongoing right now.

You didn't give me a chance to handle my own relationship problems. You took everything into control. Your fucking advices just screwed us up completely,because you didn't know that what you said would lead to the deterioration of my relationship. Thanks alot. Really. You were such a smart alec. You should have stayed out of my affairs. So what if he said ok? Did you get my permission? You did not. I had and will never ever agree to you knowing about our problems. A relationship is something shared by TWO parties, not THREE. Weren't you suppose to be smart enough to know about it, you are afterall supposedly smarter than me in every single way.

Go on, take that proud bow, accept all the applauses given to you. You have indeed done an EXCELLENT job in ruining my relationship, in ruining my life. You should really have stayed out of our affairs, out of our problems. Once again, thank you for ALL that you've done.

I'm raging with fury now. Not surprising since I've suppressed this for such a long time. I'm not always a nicey-nicey, a little miss goody. I'm everything that you've never and can never imagine me to be. Too bad that you've messed with my life whether it was an accidental act or a deliberate act, you've gotten onto the wrong side of me.

You made me lose the love of my life, you ruined my life through and through.

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