It feels good to be home

I'm back from LTC!!

I must admit, LTC was fun.
How can it not be? With all my hyper and always enthusiastic Gravity group-mates.
However... After attending the camp...
I'm having second thoughts on leading my class.
I'm having doubts on my leadership.
Maybe.. I wasn't cut out to be a leader.
Perhaps.. I really don't have the skills and qualities equipped to be a leader.
I like reflection nights. I love the honesty in my group.
Everyone pointing each other's mistakes and faults out.
It was all easy to accept,
I managed to think through what they've all said, and learn to be a better person.
But somehow, after seeing that blue feedback form..
I just wasn't able to accept the shadings on that piece of blue paper.
I wanted to crush it, to throw it in the bin..
But I realised, so what if I did?
I would never forget its contents.
For now, I don't wish to get more headaches for myself.
I'll just numb myself with all the depression.
When I'm in a better state, I'll face these awful facts once again.
For now, I'll just get ready to leave for Perth..

Honey is coming back from Hawaii tonight.
Initially, I thought it was last night,
so I ended up staying up till 3.30AM waiting for him.
Now I feel all crap, and a minor headache is creeping up.
I better go grab some rest soon, or my eyelids are gonna droop shut tonight.
Darn! Why does this entry seem so... liveless?
Urrgh.. Maybe its because of that stupid blue form. $%#@%#$^#%#@$%#@$%!
Sleep, thats my best solution for now.
Gosh... I feel like a total P-I-G! Oink~

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