I'm in Perthyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loving the chilly weather.

Its below 10degrees here in Perth.
I'm not missing the humid weather in Singapore at all.
Actually, I doubt anyone would.
Baby Aden is here in Perth too, so everyone is crowding around him.
A natural centre of attention.

I'm loving my sister's cats.
Emma & Odin.
Mom nicks Emma as (Long Mao) due to her similiarity with the cats belonging to the Emperor during ancient times,
and Odin as Garfield because he is orange.
I hope the cats don't get brainwash by mom.

Winter here in Perth isn't that bad afterall.
To think dajie might have exaggerated the cold by a little far too much.
If dad can take the chill, anyone can :D

I'll post some photos up later. Or maybe tomorrow.
This chilling weather is getting me lazy..... Oof! :P