I miss your nagging..

Life sucks without you!

I'm telling myself an outright lie when I say "I'll be okay, don't worry about me."
Because things are never okay when you're not around.
I never stop moping around,
I find myself staring into mid-air all day long,
I realise that I'm thinking about you every second of the day.
You know how much I hate dreaming.
You know how much I dread having nightmares.
You know that because of you, I'm starting to like having dreams when I'm sleeping.
Because my dreams would be good dreams, as they are about you.
I get to wake up in the morning smiling sweetly as I think about the dreams that I've just had.
But without you... My dreams are turning into nightmares.
I'm waking up in the middle of the night, breaking into a sheen of cold sweat.
I don't like that, I want good and happy dreams, I want you right by my side again.
I need you because I love you.

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