EZContactLens: Get Your Contact Lenses At 50% Cheaper Than Normal Retail Prices!

Are contact lenses a daily necessity to you as well?

Well they are to most humans these days as we are incredibly vain and even those with normal vision would wear coloured contact lenses just to give a little bit more edge to our looks.

If so, where do you get your contact lenses? Most probably from your usual optician in your neighbourhood or a nearby shopping mall, where all of them sell their contact lenses at the same non-competitive rates!

Well here is a way to get your contact lenses at a CHEAPER rate than what is available out in the market, and this is also where I get my 1-Day Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses these days!!!

Introducing EZcontactlens.com, the next generation contact lens retail e-store, providing reasonably priced contact lens to customers in the Asia Pacific region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand!

This friendly e-commerce store ships their lenses (or to be specific, YOUR contact lenses) directly from their humble warehouse in HongKong, and upon your online order, the lenses are then delivered directly to your doorstep by their trusted courier companies!

Customers get to save up to 50% off retail prices as compared to those sold at your common optical stores!!!! Check out below for some of the featured rates listed on ezcontactlens.com.

Are any of these lenses the ones that you commonly used?
Well compare the rates and start purchasing from ezcontactlens.com!

The online portal provides 100% authentic contact lenses shipped from all over the world (with the exception of China and North Korea) sold at one of the best rates available in Singapore.

They are able to bring low prices to their customers due to their benefits from arbitrage, wholesale prices and special deals made with manufacturers from all over the world.

Plus!!! Part of the deduction in the given rates is due to the lack of crazy rental price caused by possessing a physical retail store.

The return policy for EZcontactlens lasts for 28 days where they are more than happy to offer you with an exchange or refund for your purchased product. All you gotta do is to drop them an email at cs@ezcontactlens.com within 28 days and they will judge your exchange/refund on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, or if you would like to indulge yourself with some ingenious humor, check out their FAQ page.

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Note: This post was kindly sponsored by EZcontactlens.