Shopee CNY Food Alley 2022 + Coding (Week 2)

This week we began actual coding lessons and they did not hold back at all. On Monday we were given an assignment to create part of a website from scratch, and damnnnnnn... it was challenging. Well if I thought that was bad, Wednesday's assignment was even tougher and I'm already dreading the assignment we'll be getting later this afternoon.

I am silently struggling to catch up because between motherhood duties, the self-study reading materials, online lessons, assignments and assessments... it is a lot to chew all at once. I can be just getting into the mood to code, finally understanding the gist on what's going on, and then my helper walks into the room telling me it's time to cook Elina's meals. I can't put aside my daughter's meals because she needs to eat, so once again I have to put my work aside to fulfill my motherhood duties. It really is a challenge to juggle everything.

On a happier note, my recent collaboration with Shopee loaded up our CNY goodie cart!!

Shopee 2022 CNY Food Alley

They sent us pineapple tarts from 3 different brands and so this year, I don't have to hear my husband whining about how he hasn't had his fill of pineapple tarts. 🤣 吃到他够!!! LOL my mother-in-law also bought a 3-tier trolley to store all our CNY goodies this year and wasn't expecting us to fill up the trolley so quickly.

Here are some of the pics taken for the collab. I've posted the same set over IG!

Shopee-Exclusive Shangri La Pineapple Tarts

Mdm Ling Bakery CNY Gift Set

Jack Daniels Whiskey CNY 2022 Edition

Gin Thye Pineapple Tarts

Fortune Recipes Mini Abalone

Four Seasons Durian CNY Gift Set

Shopee is having their CNY Food Alley from now until 6 February!
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Oh yeah, I got so frustrated coding with only one screen – my frustration got so bad I burst out into tears.

New ASUS 16" ZenScreen
My loving husband rushed down to Challenger @ Jem during dinnertime (even though he was hungry af) and got me the last Asus portable monitor!! He has been so supportive with my course; I don't know what I would do without him.

afterlight 26

He even drove me down all the way down to MBS' Apple Store to get me a Magic Mouse + Airpods Pro! LOL I spent so much money upgrading my gear just for this course.. current amount is at $1.2k 🥲💸 Pokgai liao...

Ok I got to get back to coding now. This is just a short update on what's been going on this week. I've got a lot more studying/catching up to do! Gotta make my money's worth... buy all the gear so expensive. Need to put them all to good use and study crazy hard!!

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